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Our repairs are done correctly the first time and are guaranteed. Cleanliness and respect for your home are a priority.

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We believe in earning our customers trust and staying committed to providing the best possible plumbing service. We are committed to being honest and professional at all times and we do this by being honest & professional when we come to diagnose the any problem. As licensed plumbers, cleanliness and respect for your home are a priority. Furthermore, our technicians are drug tested and background checked!

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When we are invited into your home to perform any of our wide range of services, as guests of yours, we will always remain professional and keep and neat and clean work area. We look forward to earning your trust and that is by diagnosing the problem right away and providing you with what we believe is the best solution moving forward. Before any work gets started, you will have a handwritten estimate telling you exactly how much the job is and how long we feel it will take. When you work with Drain Doctor, there are no surprises.

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Over the years Drain Doctor has established a reputation for quality work and dependability. We understand that minutes count when you are experiencing a plumbing emergency and it is why we guarantee prompt, courteous service! When you call Drain Doctor we will dispatch our certified licensed plumbers immediately. Our clean, well maintained fleet of service vehicles are stocked with a wide variety of high quality plumbing parts to ensure our technicians will have the parts they need to get the job done right.

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When you call us for plumbing service, we dispatch our certified licensed plumbers right away. All of our service vehicles are stocked with a wide variety of high quality plumbing parts to ensure our technicians will have the parts they need to get the job done right.

  • About Our Business

    Drain Doctor has the expert ability to complete all phases of residential and commercial plumbing including drain cleaning and hydrojetting, video inspections (Drain Vision), repair, replacement or relining of sewer mains; repair or replacement of water mains: flood solutions including sump pumps, French drains and sewage back-up prevention; heating. Drain Doctor also provides 24-hour emergency service.

  • Our Beginning

    Drain Doctor was conceived in 1997 by Thomas Wundeler. Since then we have serviced many area homes and businesses and continue to operate with the family values that make Drain Doctor a success.

  • Our Progress

    Since its inception, Drain Doctor has focused on state of the art technology combined with the ability to provide unique solutions. We are proud of the fact that we are one of the first companies in the area to offer high pressure water jetting, leak location and video inspections.

    Continuing our tradition of being cutting edge, Drain Doctor is the area’s Nu Flow representative. This innovative solution affords Drain Doctor has the ability to reline old, damaged pipes without excavation.

  • Industry Talk

    This is an exciting time in the plumbing industry. We at Drain Doctor pride ourselves on providing plumbing services that exceed industry standards and provide healthy lifestyles. Our company will continue to offer advanced green technology, improvement in high efficiency heating, and the ability to reline drain pipes. Drain Doctor is also poised for the addition of Nu Line which is a state of the art system for the rehabilitation of potable/drinking water, HVAC systems, Fire Suppression, Compressed air systems, Conduit piping, Water risers and water mains.

We’re a Preferred Plumber. Why hire us?

Preferred Plumbers must carry proper insurance. Did you know that when you hire a contractor who is not properly licensed and bonded, you become the general contractor and you are responsible for not only any damage to your home, but also are liable if the plumber gets hurt while working on your home.


We are green screened. What does that mean?

The Green Screened mark is bestowed upon plumbing contractors that embrace the challenge of working with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and products whenever possible. With today’s buildings consuming 24% of the total energy in this nation, they understand the significant role they play in the world’s future.


We have the tech seal of safety. Why does it matter?

Drain Doctor has earned the Technician Seal of Safety™. This means you can have confidence knowing that our employees have been screened by a pre-employment background check and are tested for illegal drug use as permitted by law. As a member of this professional contractor organization we are committed to protecting the safety of you and your family. Minimize your risk when hiring a home services contractor by going with a contractor who displays the Technician Seal of Safety™. You owe it to yourself and your family to do so.

Many contractors in the home services business do not practice such stringent policies. That is one of the many things that distinguishes us from the rest. When you see the Technician Seal of Safety™ you know you’re dealing with a professional who cares about your personal safety, the safety of your family, and the well-being and security of your home.


Drain Doctor Services

We provide the installation & repair of:


“Drain Doctor is excellent. They have been outstanding working with us here. They have always been on the spot, they always come when they say they are coming, and sometimes they get here a little earlier. I appreciate everything they do for the school district.”


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