We understand the complications that come along with having your pipes freeze up on you. Suddenly you can’t cook, clean, shower, or use your restroom without having something lock up on you. We want to ease your concerns with solutions that are reliable and long-lasting, and with Drain Doctor, we can solve any problem for you with professionalism and speed.

Frozen pipes are absolutely an inconvenience- but here at Drain Doctor, we strive to prevent frozen pipes from bursting by offering mediation services for frozen pipes because a burst frozen pipe can cause major water damage and mold growth inside of the walls and floors of apartments and homes. We use professional electric pipe thawing machines that can quickly, easily, and safely thaw out the frozen pipe. This ensures that your water will be back up and running again in no time!

If repairs aren’t required and we can take proactive, preventative measures to protect the pipes, we recommend insulating the pipes to protect against freezing during the winter months. While relocating the pipe is an option if the situation is particularly dire, trace heating is also an option as well. Trace heating refers to the heating cable that runs along the length of your pipes and is covered with thermal insulation. It generates heat to keep the temperature of the pipe stable and prevent excessive heat loss from the pipe, helping retain it and prevent it from freezing. In addition, our experts are trained to conduct sewer camera inspections as needed so we can see a problem before it begins. Sewer camera inspections allow plumbing technicians to plan ahead, installing trace heating, pipe insulation, or relocate pipes before it’s wintertime, so you’re warm, clean, and comfortable all winter long!

Here at Drain Doctor, we offer you the best solutions. It’s why we offer frozen pipe thawing, major water damage prevention, and trace heating solutions for all of our customer’s needs. Contact us today for more information regarding our services, and don’t forget to warm up this chilly season.