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Here’s an unusual way to keep your drains clean. In November 2014 a Stamford, CT man was arrested and charged for illegally dumping waste into the municipal sewer system. He was doing this to avoid paying city disposal fees and residents near his home were also impacted. Some had foul odors and backflows into their homes of raw sewage.

The easiest way to avoid having to deal with a clog or backflow of any kind is to have a regular drain cleaning program in place. In Stamford, CT our professional plumbers at Drain Doctor NY provide this service to the city and surrounding area. But to be sure your sewer drain requires attention, you need to know some of the telltale signs.

The problem with lines that run underground is that you can’t always see what is going on with them. However, a sewer drain that is in need of cleaning will eventually give you a hint that something is either very wrong or about to be. The signals to watch for include the following:

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Slow Moving Drains

We’ve all experienced it. A drain that just seems to take forever after a shower or bath. Maybe you see it when you wash dishes in the kitchen sink. Slow drains can be a sign of a clog somewhere inside the pipeline that leaves your home.


Probably one of the most obvious ways your drains will tell you there is a problem is by sending a bad odor back into your house. You will be able to smell it when you are closer to any drain location and it means there is something blocking the drainage like a clog, a tree root or even a collapse in the line.

Water Pooling

This one looks like slow draining but tends to take a while to show up. This doesn’t always mean it’s too late to call us, either. If you have water pooling in your sinks, shower or tub, now is the right time to call us at Drain Doctor NY. The pooling is telling you that water is not escaping through the drain line as it should.

Soft Ground

One more thing to watch out for is in your yard. If you discover a wet, stinky and soft patch in your lawn it signals that there is a leak or break in your line. The sad thing is that this particular sign doesn’t show up quickly.

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What We Do

We will conduct a pipe inspection on site. This may involve digging an access hole in your property so we can reach the pipe connection. Once we do this a small camera is inserted and it allows us to find the problem without digging up any pipes. It’s a trenchless technology and it is cleaner, quicker and cheaper than excavation.

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For more information on drain cleaning and other plumbing services we provide the Stamford, CT area, contact us at Drain Doctor NY. You can reach us through email or by phoning 203-681-2630.

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