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Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Sewer camera inspections are a vital part of a home inspection process, providing key visuals of the condition of your sewer pipes and paving the way for solving these problems while they’re still at their inception.

Our Drain Doctor technicians are professional, courteous, and give you honest estimates and explanations before starting any work on yours sewer lines. Our longstanding belief is that digging is a thing of the past, and because of this, trenchless sewer inspections make use of current technology to see your sewer system without digging a single trench. Our specialists employ modern tools and equipment to collect pertinent data about your sewer system for present and future actions. Our services are quick, efficient, and save you time and money.

Our expert technicians have all the necessary equipment in the van when we come visit, meaning that no time will be wasted. Our DrainVision equipment combined with the latest line transmitter will enter your sewer system through an open cleanout or a single access point. The high-definition camera snakes through your system with a flexible fiber optic line, navigating around corners and bends with ease. A visual feed is then sent straight to a screen monitor, and the crystal clear video footage recorded allows our technicians to see the exact root of the problem and how to solve it. The smallest data such as pinhole leaks will become visible, granting us 100 percent accuracy in diagnosing your sewer system.

Our high-end camera equipment and knowledge of sewer systems allows us to find where the exact issue is and come up with the most suitable solution for your specific problem. The images and video feed can be shown to the homeowner or the business owner for them to see if they wish. You'll immediately know the reason why your sewer lines are malfunctioning, and some of the more common problems include broken, cracked, or collapsed pipes due to age, corrosion in metal-based pipelines, severe grease buildup, blockage caused by foreign objects, massive tree roots that have invaded your pipes, leaking joints, broken seals, and son on.

Our sewer camera inspections are recorded and stored onto a disc, with our customers provided a copy of the footage for future reference. A timely sewer camera inspection will expose any and all sewer issues which allow the property owner options on how to proceed. Our technicians will have the perfect solutions to remove the problems, clearing blockages with hydro jetting or pipe repairs with trenchless-based methods such as pipe lining or pipe bursting. No matter what the severity of the problem is, we will have the equipment and knowledge needed to resolve it, and our solutions will offer long-lasting results that continually keep our customers satisfied.

At any point in time that you start to experience sewer line issues in your Norwalk home, call Drain Doctor for assistance. Our experienced technicians will detect any anomalies within your pipes and devise a solution that will stand the test of time through our excellent and practical sewer camera inspections.

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