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In the past, sewer repair technicians had to make an educated guess when trying to locate a problem in the sewer line. With loud, heavy machinery, properties had to be dug up in a repair process that lasted for days or weeks at a time and often leaving mixed results after the repair was finished. Now there's a better way to solve your sewer line concerns, and that's made possible with trenchless technology. Technological innovations have made life easier for residential and commercial owners who are experiencing emergency situations. At Drain Doctor, our trenchless sewer repair and no-dig solutions offer our customers convenience like never before.

Our qualified technicians begin the process by using the latest and the most advanced camera available to get a clear picture inside your pipes. Sophisticated fiber optic technology allows for a real-time view of your sewer lines. Images are sent straight to a compatible laptop, mobile device or computer screen. Our technicians can determine whether the source of the problem are pesky roots from nearby trees, a cracked pipe, clogged pipes, bellying, poor construction, and so on. The best solution can only be formulated once a view of the problem is seen. Our capable technicians come with a fully-equipped truck, ensuring that we are prepared for any type of sewer repair or replacement needed.

Trenchless technology is made up of several no-dig techniques. All processes make use of existing access points that lead to your sewer line, such as, cleanouts, manholes, or your drains. Trenchless is an excellent alternative to traditional repair as it can fix whole sections of piping at a time.

CIPP, or the cured in place pipe is used to fix cracks, fractures and pipes that have developed holes over time. Our expert technicians place a liner coated with epoxy to create a new pipe within the old sewer structure. Pulled in place piping is the process where our technicians use a special liner made of fiberglass and resin that is cured via heat or steam, sealing the cracks from the inside. The inversion lining makes use of only one access point and the power of gravity- the liner is fed down the problem pipe and turned inside out. This method is especially ideal if hundreds of feet of pipe material needs to be repaired in a single lining session. Our liners are very versatile because they can repair pipes, even those that have broken in unusual angles and bends. The durable inner wall is tougher against common sewer problems such as calcified deposits, leaks, and root intrusion. For pipe structures that have broken in large parts, we recommend the pipe bursting process. This trenchless method uses a pipe bursting head to break up the broken pipe and scatter it to the soil, while a new pipe is pulled in from behind and replaces the fractured sewer line.

Drain Doctor is the expert when it comes to trenchless technology. Trust in our technicians to get the job done quickly and with minimal disruption. Call us now and let us repair your sewer lines back to a new-like state!

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