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Sewer Repair Services

With Drain Doctor, our sewer repair services are fast and guaranteed to last for many years. We handle the vital pipes that run beneath your home and yard with care, and our trustworthy team of professionals work hard to ensure that our customers are pleased with the final results.

What King of Sewer Repairs Can We Do?

At Drain Doctor, we incorporate trenchless technology into all of our sewer repair methods. This process is meant to be kind to our customers, avoiding digging up their yard and leaving behind a massive trench after our work is done. We go out of our way to make sure that the holes we dig are small and limited in number, saving our customers time and money.

We also invest in innovative, durable materials called epoxy resin, which lasts far longer than old materials like clay and PVC. We use these epoxy-based materials to reline the interior of the pipes in a process called Cured-In-Place (CIPP) pipe lining. The pipes created from epoxy resins are thin but strong, and they won’t corrode or crack. Because of this, trenchless methods have become the favored method of choice for sewer repairs, lasting for several decades and creating a durable, efficient product.

The Drain Doctor Sewer Repair Process

If you have sewer problems, contact Drain Doctor for your needs. We send a professional crew of plumbers to inspect your system, digging one or two small holes to the pipe connection points before inserting a small video camera inside. With the camera, we are able to perform a video inspection and see the interior of the pipe. This allows us to determine its condition without needing to dig trenches. Whether it’s a clog or crack in the pipe, we’ll be able to find it and fix it quickly with our trenchless sewer repair methods. Our trenchless methods can be completed within a few hours, without needing to dig trenches or cause major property damage and inconvenience.

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