1. We Offer Same Day Estimates


At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we are happy to offer all of our customers a free, same-day estimate for any service that we offer within our various service areas. One of our associates will travel to your home or place of business and perform an expert assessment of whatever problem your plumbing system has presented. We believe that our technicians represent the very best of what our company has to offer.


2. Our Technicians Know The Drill (Literally)

When you enlist the services of Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, you enlist the service of our expert technicians and communications staff, all trained to help resolve your plumbing issues effectively and economically. Our staff are knowledgeable and able to provide a number of solutions to a variety of plumbing problems. Our field technicians will assess each problem with your systems individually and provide the best price for a solution as they go. Our team believes that the customer should be informed to the best of their ability.


3. Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialists Services One of the Widest Areas on the East Coast!

Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist is proud to be one of the widest ranging plumbing services in the states of New York and Connecticut. We are able to provide service throughout the Stamford, Greenwich and Cos Cob areas of Connecticut, as well as the Pelham, Scardale, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck Larchmont and Worchester areas of New York. We have also expanded services to Newark, New Jersey, and look forward to providing a greater variety of services at each of our locations.


4. With Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialists, Your Satisfaction is Our Priority!

It is the firm belief of Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist that the customer comes before all other commercial considerations. Every facet of our service comes with the guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Our expert assessments, our free estimates and our methodical diagnostic methodology are all cornerstones of a successful commercial and residential plumbing service. We look forward to doing business with each and every one of our customers, and hope that those of you reading this will soon join them. Give Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialists a call today.