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The replacement of 2,200 feet of 24-inch sewer main in Cos Cob in June of 2013 created a serious traffic problem. Delays throughout the region from Strickland Road to Sachem Road ran near the Mianus River Boat Club and under a railway overpass. The project went on for months and was to replace old sewer lines.

Connecticut Cos Cob Trenchless drain cleaning

The project was an example of what happens when sewer and drain lines are not inspected or cleaned on a regular basis. In the Cos Cob, CT area drain cleaning services are provided by our professional plumbers at Drain Doctor NY. But when will you know you need our services before it is too late? There are several signs to watch out for that should tip you off to a problem of some kind developing within your plumbing system. Here is a look at them:

Smelly Drain Odors

When you can smell sewer gases coming from your drains you will know that something bad is happening to your drainage. If you smell anything rotten coming from a sink, shower or tub drain it could be the sign of a clog, break or crack within the line. To be sure, give us a call.

Water Pooling

If you run water in a sink and it seems to sit without draining this could mean several different things. A clog or break in the line could be what is happening and that is what is preventing the water from draining. If you think this is happening to your drain, call us today.

Slow Drains

This is not always easy to spot until a period of time has passed. Slow drains occur but when it is a very slow drain, it means something is wrong with your drainage. The problem with this particular symptom is that it takes time to build to the point that it becomes obvious.

Smells In Your Yard

If you have a spot in your property where the ground is damp, soft and smells, this could be the location of a leak or break in your sewer drain line. It will have taken some time to reach this point so if you have this happening in your yard, call us at Drain Doctor NY right away.

Connecticut drain cleaning in Cos Cob

What We Will Do

If you have any of these signs, we will inspect your lines to properly diagnose the problem. Sometimes it is just a clog that has created from organic material and we can flush it away with pressurized water or air. Sometimes we have to repair the damaged pipe with one of several different trenchless technologies.

Trenchless drain cleaning in Connecticut


Trenchless repairs last longer, are quicker to complete, cause less damage to your property and cost you far less that traditional dig and replace methods. But the best way to avoid a repair is to have a regular drain cleaning program. In Cos Cob, CT you can contact us for details on how we can maintain your system. We are your Drain Doctor and you can reach us by email or by calling 203-681-2630.

Let's Work Together

We look forward to hearing from you and discovering what we can do to help you with your plumbing needs. Please either give us a call at 914.576.0123 or fill out the contact form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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