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Drain cleaning is one of most ignored part of home maintenance. Many residents of Mamaroneck admit that they have delayed having their drain cleaned on time. But drain cleaning is a serious issue. If not cleaned on time, a sewer drain clog poses health problems. Plus, it’s not a pleasant sight.

At Drain Doctor NY, we always recommend our customers to book drain cleaning sessions regularly to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

Tell-tale signs of a clogged drain

If you suspect your drains are clogging, call a plumber to clear it immediately. Look for the following signs of a clogged drain:

  • A gurgling toilet is the most evident warning signs. If after using the dishwater or any activity that requires considerable water use, you notice the toilet gurgling, you have a drain problem

  • If you notice water coming up the bathtub or from any other floor drain in the house, there is a clog somewhere.

  • Slow draining in the kitchen or bathroom sink also indicates a clogged drain.

  • A funky smell emanating from the drain pipes is another indication of a drain problem.

Drain Cleaning Methods

Most people, when faced with a clogged drain, try to do it themselves. There’s no harm in that if you know how to go about it. Some things you can try are:

Drain Plunger

Buy a mini-plunger from any hardware store. Aim for a cup-style plunger. Place the plunger cup on the mouth of your drain. Be sure to cover the entire drain opening. Add some water to form a tight seal. Using quick, up-and-down movements, plunge the drain for 6-8 times. Check your progress by running some hot water down the drain.

Drain Trap

Most plumbers first check the drain trap. A drain trap is a u-shaped pipe under your sink. This pipe is often filled with hair, soap, or food residue. This makes it difficult for water to drain. Take apart the drain trap and give it a good clean.

Drain Cleaners

Store-bought drain cleaners should be your last attempt to clean the drain. That’s because they contain hazardous chemicals that will eventually corrode away your sewer pipes. It’s much better to make your own homemade drain cleaners, using the most basic ingredients. You might have these ingredients in your home right now: baking soda and vinegar. Put 4-5 tablespoon of baking soda over the mouth of your drain. Pour half a cup over vinegar over that.

Let it do its magic for 5 minutes and then pour hot, boiling water over it. Another good idea is to regularly pour hot water into your drains to clear them up.

Get a Professional To Do It

There’s another alternative. Hire an experienced plumber. When you opt for a professional plumbing company, the process will be a lot smoother and quicker. Professional plumbers know where to look and what to look for.

If you would rather let a plumber handle your drain problems, call Drain Doctor NY for residents living in Mamaroneck. Our plumbers have over 30 years of experience in drain cleaning and other plumbing services.

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