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If you need fast, effective drain cleaning service in Paramus, New Jersey, turn to Drain Doctor for assistance. Our expert technicians are available with state-of-the-art, affordable solutions to fully clean and restore your drains.

New Jersey drain cleaning in Paramus

At Drain Doctor, we have been serving area residents since 1997, and we’ve always been committed to investing in the most innovative drain cleaning technology to provide premium service to every client. We’ll carefully evaluate your situation and recommend the best method to most efficiently solve your unique problem. Our two most effective drain cleaning options are hydro jetting service and the patented Nu Flow Micro-Cutter.

Paramus New Jersey drain cleaning service

Hydro jetting harnesses the power of pressurized water to scour the interior walls of your pipes. This system is a dramatic improvement on traditional sewer snake equipment, which attempts to scrape buildup from the pipe with a rotating cable. While a sewer snake only clears away a small amount of the debris, hydro jetting effectively removes all blockages. It also removes hard water scale, a common problem in the Paramus area that steadily reduces the pipe diameter until clogs become an everyday occurrence. Our hydro jetting equipment is the most powerful in the New Jersey area, so it easily cleans these difficult problems, restoring your drains to operate at maximum efficiency.

drain cleaning service in New Jersey

To clean your drain, our highly-trained technician inserts a specialized water hose with multiple, high-pressure nozzles into the pipe. The force of the water pulverizes obstructions, scours away buildup and corrosion, and even breaks up moderately-sized tree roots. All the clutter is rinsed away down your sewer drain, leaving your pipes spotlessly clean and as good as new.

For drain cleaning needs where hydro jetting is not an appropriate solution, such as in Orangeburg pipes and cast iron that has weakened with age, we have the patented Nu Flow Micro-Cutter pneumatic cutting system. This space-age tool is powerful enough to penetrate the thick scale, tough tree roots, and heavy corrosion, all of which are frequent problems in Paramus homes and businesses, and our camera is small enough to slip through pipes as narrow as two inches in diameter. It can navigate 90-degree elbows with ease, a task that would prove difficult for other methods. It also requires no water, so it’s a great solution if water access is not available for hydro jetting.

When you call to request your drain cleaning service, you can count on our professional, respectful, trustworthy technicians at Drain Doctor to perform your drain cleaning efficiently, then thoroughly clean up after themselves before leaving your property. We are licensed and bonded, so you know that we stand behind our promise of quality in both workmanship and ethical business practices. We’re also Green-Screened, which certifies that we always choose the most environmentally-friendly methods possible. Finally, we have the Technician Seal of Safety, which guarantees that every employee has passed a thorough background check and drug testing. We take our commitments seriously, and that includes our giving you the best, most affordable drain cleaning service available anywhere.

No one has better drain cleaning technology or more reliable technicians than Drain Doctor, and we’re proud to provide top-quality service to local Paramus residents and businesses. Call us today to schedule a drain cleaning session!

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