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Drain cleaning is one of the many services we provide the Pelham and surrounding area. But do you know what signs to watch for that will tip you off that there could be a problem with your sewer or drain lines? At Drain Doctor NY we have a surefire way of helping you figure out when your drains are in need of service. The signs to watch out for include the following:

1 – Smelly Drains

It may be hard to believe until you actually encounter it, but when your drains smell like sewer gases or rotting eggs, there’s a reason for it. Should you notice anything that smells out of the ordinary from your sink, shower or tub drains it could hint at a clog or maybe a break in the pipe.

2 – Slow Drains

Sometimes this isn’t all that easy to notice as drains that are slow to release water can slowly slow down at a pace that you may not realize until it is too late. Ask yourself today if your drains are moving as fast as they were a week ago, a month ago or several months ago. If they seem to have slowed down over time, you may have a serious problem on your hands.

3 – Water Pooling

Here is one of the most obvious signs of a drain problem. If you spot water pooling anywhere, and especially on floors or on pieces of ground in your backyard this could be the sign of a leak somewhere in the system. The longer you leave it, the more serious the leak will become.

4 – Backing Up

When a drain backs up and does not drain properly it is an indication of a blockage of some kind in the line. It could be a clog created by organic material, a cave in where water is not being released or a tree root that has plugged the system. You will want to fix this as soon as you can.

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What To Do If You Have Any Of These Signs

First off, don’t panic. Second, contact us at Drain Doctor NY. We are trained in dealing with these situations and can properly diagnose the problem and present repair solutions based on our findings. Plus, we use trenchless technology to figure out what’s happening in the buried sewer line.

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What We Will Do For You

When we arrive at your location we will conduct a camera inspection which requires one or two small holes dug to the pipe connection locations. Once we can access the pipe connections we will insert a small video camera which will allow us to see what is happening inside your pipes. After this we can determine the problem, and then explore the options available to you.

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How To Get A Hold Of Us

You can reach us at Drain Doctor NY by sending us an email to schedule an appointment or discuss trenchless technology. You can also call us direct at 914-752-4892.

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We look forward to hearing from you and discovering what we can do to help you with your plumbing needs. Please either give us a call at 914.506.5347 or fill out the contact form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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