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At Drain Doctor, our name holds true to what we do – take care of all your drain needs and issues. Our customers can rest easy knowing that their drains were evaluated, treated, and serviced by our professionals.

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But a lot of times we see situations that could have been prevented. Getting your drains cleaned regularly is a crucial part of the overall health of your drainage and sewer system. And the #1 mistake that we see many of our clients make is ignoring the small warning signs that an issue may be developing slowly but surely.

Scarsdale New York drain cleaning service

The most obvious sign of a drainage issue is slow draining water, something that is easily ignored until it becomes completely backed up. Customers also tend to resort to using harsh chemicals to unblock the drain, a quick fix that leads to damaged pipes and will result in bigger issues in the future.

Whether you have signs of a drainage problem or are guilty of ignoring them and now have a bigger issue at hand, our professionals here at Drain Doctor are ready to treat your drains. We are proud to offer the most advanced forms of drain cleaning to the Scarsdale area.

There are numerous items that can lead to drain blockage or cluster. Anything that goes down the drain could lead to buildup. Hair, food, and grease are the biggest culprits in drainage buildup. After a video inspection, we will diagnose the issue and choose which of our options are best at tackling any problem that is present.

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We are proud to utilize this powerful and intense water cleansing technique. With the use of extreme water pressure through various jet heads, we are able to flush out blockages in pipes. The thorough wash also cleanses any buildup that is within the pipes, giving a full flush of the piping system, leaving it clean and fully functioning again.


There are extreme cases where even the power of the strongest water pressurized system isn’t enough to blast out the blockages and hold ups in your piping system. Roots from trees can grow into the pipes, which cannot be removed with water. Another tough blockage could be calcite, which grows within the pipes and is a very hard mineral that lines pipes, causing restricted waterflow.

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At Drain Doctor, we don’t give up even when these tough situations are present. Thanks to Nu Flow Technologies, we are able to offer micro-cutting. This cutter system rotates at approximately 2,000 RPM and often allows for multiple cutting heads to be attached. Even dense corrosion and tough tree roots don’t stand a chance to this method of drain cleaning.

It is a great feeling for all of us at Drain Doctor to be able to provide top-notch technologies to accommodate any drain cleaning needs for our Scarsdale, New York residents and owners. Don’t ignore the warning signs of the start of a drainage problem. Call us today for a diagnosis and guaranteed positive results.

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