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We are all familiar with annual check-ups at the dentist, eye doctor, and physician’s office. They are never fun and are nothing to look forward to. But it is necessary. We’ve been told this by our parents, society and doctors themselves. By going to these annual check-ups we are ensuring that our bodies are working correctly and we are healthy. Usually nothing is found but still we must go.

Why don’t we treat our homes the same way? Let’s say you buy an older home in Cos Cob, CT. It’s your first home purchase and you couldn’t be more excited. But you can’t move in and go about live expecting everything to run smoothly. Things break, especially as they increase in age. In order to avoid this, routine maintenance much like we perform on ourselves is required to keep a home running smoothly. Things such as sewer systems are especially prone to breaking or leaking with how much use they get and how long they last. Eventually, everything breaks down.

Connecticut Cos Cob Trenchless pipe inspection

The Need for a Pipe Inspection

Pipe inspections are important to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining a healthy and working sewer system. Since pipe systems are often in hard to reach places, inspecting them from the outside can be difficult. Pipe video inspections allow you to see the internal condition of your pipe system. You will not know 100% of the condition of your pipes until an internal camera inspection takes place.

Over time, debris build up on the interior of drain lines and sewer mains. In many cases, grease, sand, paper, and other sediments form a solid layer on the walls of the pipes. This reduces the pathway of the pipe and makes it harder for the system to function correctly, which leads to leaking and breaking.

Connecticut pipe inspection in Cos Cob

How Does a Pipe Inspection Work?

The scope of a video inspection on your sewer system can cover a larger area than you might think. It can go as near as branch lines within the house or as far as to the point where the home’s sewer ties to the municipal sewer line, the maximum being about 330 feet.

If you’re doing an entire video inspection, you will see a “walk-through” of your pipes, much like the walk-through you did of your home when you purchased it. The video leads through the trap, down the sewer line and up to any obstructions. The resolution may be high, but the picture will be jerky because the scope has to be manually pushed down.

Trenchless pipe inspection in Connecticut

The camera unit has a transmitter. The plumber/professional will stop the camera at the blockage point. Then he will go up to ground level and wave a locating device until the device picks up the transmitter. This allows him to pinpoint the spot of the obstruction and spray paint it so he knows exactly where to dig.

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