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At Drain Doctor, we offer the city of Mamaroneck, New York with a variety of services to meet your sewer and drain needs. Whether you are experiencing an emergency or planning for a renovation, we are here to provide your residential, commercial, or municipal property with all sewer and drain services. Our team at Drain Doctor specializes in some of the most advanced equipment in the industry in order to give you the best possible service.

If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, our team at Drain Doctor is ready to install new plumbing fixtures for you with precision and speed. If you’re not interested in an installation, but you need help with repairs or replacements we can also assist in that process as well. Drain Doctor New York is always here for you with our expert assembly, installation, repair, and replacement methods. We are able to perform services from installing a new kitchen sink to repairing your main sewer lines.

NY Mamaroneck Plumber drain cleaning service

Drain Cleaning Services Mamaroneck, New York

If your pipes are clogged or you are experiencing complete pipe blockages, contact us for our professional and courteous drain cleaning services. We offer two types of drain cleaning services in order to meet your needs. For cases where hydro-jetting you have large clogs and hard bloackages, we rely on the use of high-pressure clean water to clean out your drains. This process involves a small multi-directional nozzle that sprays water into your dirty drain. Hydro jetting efficiently scour the entire pipe clean of grease, scale, roots, and other debris that can cause a buildup and clog. This method is known for its effectiveness as it completely cleans the interior of your pipes and leaves nothing behind. When hydro-jetting is not a feasible option, we turn to our patented Nu Flow turbine cutter. This method essentially dry cleans your pipes, which can return your pipes to their original diameter in a short amount of time. This is mostly used in cases of corrosion, erosion, and rust buildup, though it can also help restore pipes after blockages and clogs.

NY drain cleaning service in Mamaroneck

Mamaroneck Leak Detection

If you’re concerned about leaks in your water lines, we are proud to offer leak detection. We understand how damaging a leak can be, which is why we offer this service for all pipes and plumbing systems. There are various factors that cause pipe erosion including pH, oxygen, chemicals, and dissimilar metals in the water and/or in the piping system. These contributing factors can all contribute to a damaged water line and potentially cause leaks or fractures within your pipes.

Plumbing Installations for Your Mamaroneck Property

If you’re experiencing flooding or frozen pipes, we have a variety of options for our customers. We offer pump and valve installations in the case of flooding in order to help prevent the flooding you may be experiencing in your basement or from your toilets and tubs. In the case of frozen pipes, we offer solutions for severely damaged or collapse pipes. If your pipe needs to be relocated or if you need to install pipe insulation, Drain Doctor NY can help you with all of your needs.

Additionally, we offer solutions for water heaters, trenchless sewer repair, heating systems, and we can reverse pressure zone valves. No matter your problem, we will always provide you with a durable and long-lasting solution to your plumbing problems.

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