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Sewer Camera Inspection Services

If there’s a problem with your sewer pipes, and your plumber can’t figure it out, a sewer camera inspection would be just the right thing. A few decades ago, sewer pipes repair in Mamaroneck was mostly guesswork. That doesn’t happen now. You can find out exactly what’s wrong with sewer pipes and get it fixed the first time around.

At Drain Doctor NY, we make sure you know what’s wrong with your sewer pipes without investing money and time looking in the wrong direction.

Sewer Camera Inspection

With a sewer camera inspection, our plumbers insert a small waterproof camera into your sewer pipes to find out the problem source. The camera travels into your sewer pipes to tell you exactly why your basement is leaking.

The camera is attached to an extendable wire, that’s connected to a live monitor. As the sewer camera moves inside your sewer pipes, you get to enjoy a real-time feed of your sewer pipes on the monitor. The sewer camera extends until the main sewer line to give you a thorough view of your sewer pipes.

When the camera finds a problem, our plumbers locate the exact position through the help of a transmitter on the camera. This way we know we won’t be fooling around with your sewer pipes. That way we know what we are doing before we start working on your sewer pipes.

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

Most residents in Mamaroneck opt for a sewer camera inspection for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They want to know exactly what’s wrong with the sewer pipes. They have probably previously invested in sewer repairs but without the desired results. A sewer camera inspection lets you see the real problem, no matter how further along the sewer line it is.

  • If there is more than one problem, you know it. You can deal with both of them together without hiring the plumber two separate times.

  • Many plumbers often are in the habit of drilling holes near your sewer pipes to locate the problem source. This guesswork often leaves you with a little too many holes in your garden and driveway. With a sewer camera inspection, you can avoid that. We only need a small entry point to insert the camera inside the sewer pipes.

  • A sewer camera inspection is very efficient. You save time trying to locate the problem. With a sewer camera inspection, you know the problem without hours. And that too, without moving from the screen.

  • In the long run, sewer camera inspection will save you money. Rather than wasting money hiring a plumber to look for the damaged or corroded pipe for days, you can solve the mystery in just a few hours. You will also save money on labor costs.

If you want to get your sewer pipes fixed the efficient way, book an appointment with Drain Doctor NY. We have been offering sewer camera inspection services and other repair services to residents in the vicinity of Mamaroneck.

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