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Sewer Inspection

For reliable, trustworthy, affordable sewer inspection service, Newark, New Jersey residents and businesses count on Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialists. Our advanced technology provides detailed, real-time insights into your sewer needs so that repairs are faster, easier, and less costly. We have the tools to ensure you’re satisfied with your sewer repairs every time.

Sewer inspection involves carefully-engineered technology that can withstand the difficult conditions inside dirty, lightless, water-filled drain lines while still collecting usable video footage that reveals the condition of the pipe. Drain Doctor’s technicians are expertly-trained to put these tools to work in the most effective way to ensure that the recorded video helps facilitate the repair process. We don’t just want to look inside your pipe, we want to use what we see to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure all your sewer needs are handled in the most affordable, low-hassle manner possible.

NJ sewer camera inspection in Paramus

Camera Inspection Overview

To complete your sewer inspection, the technician inserts the durable, high-definition camera into the pipe through a built-in opening such as a cleanout port or a hole for a fixture like a toilet, shower drain, or faucet. The technician then works the camera through the pipe, where it records video of the surroundings and feeds it instantly to a viewscreen where the technician evaluates it in real time. As areas of concern are noted, the technician will more closely inspect those areas to gain a full understanding of the potential problems so that they can be resolved. You can also watch the inspection to learn what’s happening in your sewer lines and talk over your options with the technician while the inspection is in process. We’re happy to let you take an active role in the decisions about the best repair option for your needs.

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Why Newark Sewer Inspections are Important

Sewer inspection is an important part of the repair process, providing the detailed information needed to isolate problems and develop effective solutions. Rather than relying on external evaluation of the symptoms, we can go inside the pipe to look directly at the damage, so there’s little danger of a false diagnosis that leads to wasted time and money. We pinpoint the problem and understand it, so we can fix it right the first time.

sewer camera inspection service in NJ

Preventive sewer inspection is another essential way that Drain Doctor’s camera system saves Newark area property owners money. We can prevent many major sewer problems by inspecting early to spot the warning signs when a simpler, less expensive repair option is still possible. An annual sewer inspection can be the difference between affordable pipe lining to shore up a weakening pipe and costly replacement after it’s already collapsed. For the many aging sewer lines in Newark’s historic homes and businesses, preventive sewer inspection is a sound, affordable investment.

Drain Doctor has the most reliable, effective sewer inspection services to help homeowners and business leaders reduce sewer repair costs and prevent unnecessary damage to your Newark, NJ lines. We’re proud to adhere to the highest industry standards so that we can bring every customer premium service at affordable rates. Call us today to learn more about your options and schedule your service.

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