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sewer camera inspection in Paramus NJ

Paramus, New Jersey Sewer Camera Inspection Services

If you think you may have a sewer issue and need to know what the cause is, look no further than Drain Doctor for a sewer camera inspection. Our expert technicians arrive equipped with the latest video technology to quickly find the cause of your sewer problem and so we can repair it fast.

NJ sewer camera inspection in Paramus

Our innovative sewer camera inspection system enables us to remotely inspect your drain using real-time, high-definition video of the pipe interior. Better than the old-fashioned external inspection methods, our camera can see into pipes that are located in normally inaccessible places, such as buried underground or embedded in your foundation slab. It eliminates the need to remove floors, soil, or walls to locate damaged areas so that they can be repaired. The camera fits into pipes as narrow as two inches, so no sewer pipe is too small to be viewed with our system.

Paramus NJ sewer camera inspection service

HD video inspection provides highly detailed footage of the sewer lines, revealing early, subtle signs of corrosion and deterioration as well as obvious problems such as mineral deposits creating clogs. We can see the progression of hard water scale buildup, a frequent problem in the Paramus area. It’s also effective in pinpointing blockages and divulging their compositions. Our camera system gives our expert technicians the detailed information they need to develop an effective treatment plan that fully addresses all your sewer issues in the most efficient, economical way possible. You can view the footage as well for a firsthand look at the issues you’re dealing with.

sewer camera inspection service in NJ

To inspect your sewer system, we insert a durable, waterproof HD camera with a light source into the pipe through a built-in cleanout port in the pipe. Our trained technician works the camera through the sewer line and it feeds footage through an attached fiber optic cable to a view screen where the technician can see it instantly. The technician carefully inspects the pipe for signs of damage and deterioration, noting areas that need attention. We measure mineral and waste buildup to see how much available diameter remains in the pipe. We also check for tree root penetration: The roots of the many beautiful, mature trees in Paramus frequently infiltrate sewer lines to reach the water inside, and over time, this can lead to joint separation, blockages, and broken pipes. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll explain the issues to you and help you with a comprehensive repair program that fully treats every issue.

Our sewer camera inspection service isn’t just for solving sewer problems. When you’re planning a home renovation or landscaping project, we can map your sewer system to locate buried pipes and connections. A quick sewer mapping will save you from a disaster when you accidentally rupture a sewer line. You can also request a video inspection as part of the pre-purchase process for your new home or business facility. In addition, our services are invaluable for regular maintenance of your pipes, ensuring that you aren’t taken by surprise by eliminating the signs of issues while they’re still small and manageable.

Drain Doctor is available for your sewer camera inspection whenever you need us. Whether your sewer has developed a problem, or you want to take advantage of our mapping or preventive inspection services, we have the technology to give you an accurate picture of the health of your sewer system. Call us today for your sewer camera inspection needs in Paramus!

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