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Pelham, New York Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Residents in and around Pelham have an innovative way to learn about the condition of their sewer lines thanks to the professionals at Drain Doctor NY. We have a system that we use to take a look at the condition of your sewer pipes without actually removing them. In Pelham you can call us for sewer camera inspection services.

Port Chester Trenchless sewer camera inspection

How Do We Get The Camera Into The Pipe?

The whole idea behind a sewer camera inspection is getting a camera inside the sewer pipe to examine the condition of it from within. We use what is known as trenchless technology.

Once we can access the pipe connections we can then insert the small video camera. It is connected to a closed circuit system so we can move it up and down the length of the sewer pipe and see exactly what it looks like. The camera allows us to get a close up view of the condition of your sewer pipes. The video is so detailed that we can identify cracks, holes, leaks, cave ins and any other signs of damage that may be creating a problem with your overall sewer system.

NY Port Chester sewer camera inspection

The Advantages Of Pipe Inspections

Probably one of the biggest advantages of a pipe inspection is that when we conduct one at Drain Doctor NY, it eliminates the need to excavate your yard to look at the pipe. One more advantage is that because there is no trenching involved, we can leave your property looking as it did when we arrived. Plus, a camera inspection is affordable enough to do on a regular basis in order to monitor the condition of your sewer pipes. One more advantage is that the entire process is less time consuming than any other pipe inspection method currently in use on the planet.

sewer camera inspection in Port Chester NY

How To Know If You Need A Pipe Inspection?

There are telltale signs that your plumbing system will reveal over time that could hint at a problem. They include slow draining, water pooling and even sewer gasses that can be detected from any of the drains in your home. If you have any of these symptoms, you could have damaged sewer pipes and since they are buried underground, there is no other way of knowing exactly what the problem is without contacting a plumber.

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Should you have the symptoms noted above, it is wise to not ignore them as they are telling you something very important. A faulty sewer system is not healthy for you, your family or your home and that is why it should be examined as soon as possible.

To schedule your sewer pipe inspection with Drain Doctor NY you can call us at 914-752-4892. If you require more information regarding this or any of our other trenchless sewer methods and repairs, you can email us.

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