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If you live in Rye and are experiencing problems with your toilets or sinks, call our team of experts at Drain Doctor for support. Our professional technicians are trained to fix any type of sewer line problem, and whether we need to remove a clog or restore your pipelines with trenchless pipe lining, we will have the solutions we need to restore your sewer system back to normal. But before our technicians get to work restoring the functionality of your line, it's very important that they inspect it to find out what's the cause of the problem.

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While sewer line issues present themselves in various ways, such as raw sewage pooling on your property or sinkholes, without proper diagnostics, these symptoms can be falsely attributed to smaller problems. At Drain Doctor, we recognize the importance a proper diagnosis can have in a situation, and with our equipment, we guarantee that we will be able to pinpoint and solve the problem accordingly.

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A sewer camera inspection is the easiest way to determine the cause of any sewage issue, unlike the traditional methods that required an inspection of the pipeline’s exterior by taking the pipes out of the ground. Not only was this method time-consuming and inconvenient for customers, but there was potential for the diagnosis to be inaccurate, leading to solutions being employed that would ultimately be ineffectual. Our sewer camera inspections are conducted through small access points that allow us to gain a complete, clear look at the inside of your pipelines. We are able to navigate the camera through the pipeline with ease, and with a complete inspection of the entire system, we will be able to map it out while also taking note of problem areas as needed.

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With this inside-look at the pipes, we can easily expose problems such as clogs, cracks, and joint misalignments in the pipes while pinpointing their exact location as well. This method is especially beneficial because it can show us the state of the entire length of the sewer line, not the just the area that's been damaged or clogged. It's the best way to determine the overall health of the line, as well as specific trouble areas. The precision these inspections offer is part of why our solutions are so effective and comprehensive.

Our sewer camera inspections are so valuable that we even offer these services for customers interested in having their pipes checked on a regular basis. With frequent care and maintenance, your sewer system’s lifespan can be increased considerably, and our sewer camera inspections will help maintain the quality of your system by allowing us to catch small problems and eliminate them accordingly before they become disastrous accidents.

With the information our technicians gather using a sewer camera inspection, our technicians will be able to offer you customized solutions based on the problems discovered. When the sewer system and pipelines in your homes aren’t working properly, call Drain Doctor to find the source of the problem with our innovative and accurate sewer camera inspections.

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