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sewer repair service in greenwich CT

Greenwich, Connecticut Sewer Repair Services

Are drains in your tubs, sinks, and toilets slow? Are you experiencing waste back up? If you have these problems in your Greenwich, CT home, it might be time to consider sewer repair options. Look no further than Drain Doctor.

CT sewer repair service in greenwich

Why Do I Need Sewer Repair?

Homeowners just like you need sewer repair, county-wide, all the time for problems resulting from broken, cracked, or clogged pipes. Because of mature trees, roots can invade your pipes. Because of temperature change, PVC pipes can crack or break apart. Because of organic matter, clogs form in your pipes. With our team of capable, efficient plumbers, why wouldn’t you want to fix this problem?

But we understand. DIY solutions seem like they’re a good idea. But stop doing them. Over time, they create a larger mess, contributing to the greater problem in your pipes. Because of this, additional problems can be created. Just trust a professional licensed plumber.

Here at Drain Doctor, we avoid holes, which can save you thousands. We use trenchless plumbing technologies. These technologies were developed over fifteen years ago but plumbing companies have barely begun to introduce them. Consider trenchless. We offer it. It helps ease clogs, fixes cracks and breaks, and repairs your pipes in hours.

greenwich CT Trenchless sewer repair service

What Is This Technology?

This technology that our team at Drain Doctor offers is called a pulled-in-place pipe. It’s a type of lining system that uses an inflatable resin that hardens inside your pipes and creates a “pipe within a pipe”. It cuts your pipes by about a quarter of an inch, but this won’t affect the carrying of waste or removal of water in your home. New pipe systems like these can improve on your home’s plumbing quality. Rely on our team to properly line, repair, and maintain your pipes. Because we use trenchless, you save money. Saving money is a bonus.

But how do you save money? When you’re driving through the city, do you see those large backhoes and expensive equipment trucks levering open sewer systems? That’s traditional plumbing. With trenchless, we don’t need that nonsense. You can save your lawn, flowers, and trees, and the city doesn’t harass you for money because of directing traffic. And with our licensing, you won’t have to pay those fees.

Trenchless sewer repair service in CT

I’m Still Not Convinced. Why Drain Doctor?

We service areas all around Greenwich, CT. Our locations include Port Chester, Scarsdale, Stamford, Harrison, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, and Westchester. If you’re out there, we are too.

Let’s move away from that stuff. Let’s focus on your home. We have the utmost respect for the time, energy, and money put into the functionality and aesthetic of your home. As plumbers, we work together with you to preserve that and we work quickly and efficiently. All of our plumbers are drug tested and their backgrounds are checked thoroughly.

When called out to diagnose a problem, we give you a handwritten estimate of the job. This information includes exactly how much it’ll cost, and how long we think it will take. We don’t want you surprised any more than we want to be surprised. Surprises in the plumbing business aren’t pleasant. We work to diagnose the problem quickly and correctly. We dispatch our certified, licensed plumbers immediately when called. All our vehicles come equipped with high-quality parts to ensure our technicians have what they need, now. We understand that seconds count in a plumbing emergency.

So why hesitate? Look no further than our well-equipped, courteous plumbers and technicians for your sewer repair needs. Call us at the Drain Doctor today.

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