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Larchmont, New York may rightly be numbered among the best places to live. With consistently high-ranked educational institutes, being among the safest suburbs, and the best place to raise a family, it would seem nothing bad lurks beneath the surface.

Errr, actually, it does.

When a deep-rooted problem arises

We’re talking about the sewers running under the ground. These are the necessities of today’s world, yet must be hidden deep underground. The sight and smell of these pipes must be deeply hidden, which is they way it should be.

Unless the sewerage system needs work done on it. This is when all chaos breaks through and sane people start to seem otherwise.

What does it mean?

A choked sewerage pipe means dirty water and other nasty stuff backing up into your bathrooms and kitchen or even beyond, and also that there is cause for household members in one of the best suburbs in the USA to panic.

Calling in a plumbing company means research of property to first locate the lines, and then to locate the blockage. Lots of time, money and manpower spent.

Until recently.

A Better Way to Repair Sewer Pipes

With advancement of technology in every possible field, it stood to reason that something as basic as plumbing would soon catch up too.

Enter CIPP—Cured in Place Pipe—also known as “Trenchless Sewer Repair”.

This system of fixing the sewerage pipes of a house is relatively new and is gaining more and more popularity. People wanting to get repair, maintenance and even replacement work done on the sewage pipes of their house can take the easier, cheaper solution and call in trenchless plumbing experts.

How does it work?

Trenchless plumbing experts come equipped with a camera that they send deep into the plumbing of your house with the help of a flexible rod. This camera gives them hi-resolution images of the conditions within the pipes and helps located the blockage. Blockages usually occur when hairballs, kitchen grease and errant tree roots get stuck in the pipeline.

Once the problem is located underground, a trained technician locates the spot above ground with the help of a device that “talks” to the transmitter on the camera.

From here, it is a simple matter of trenching a small hole just above the underground problem and cleaning out the interior of the pipes with a rooter machine, or even hydro-jetting. Rooters remove the tree roots without damaging the tree itself, and hydro-jetting is basically forcing water through the pipes at very high pressure to remove the blockage and other scum lining the pipes.

Next up is using resin to plug in holes, repair cracks or in extreme cases, break the older pipes and mould the resin to replace the broken pipe perfectly.

Once this is done, it is simply a matter of time to allow the resin to harden into a substance harder than concrete.

When finished, the resin has created a whole new pipe with no holes, cracks or breaks, and this pipe is good enough to last 10 – 50 years.

Finishing up is a simple matter of removing the camera from the pipes and filling up the hole dug to access the problem point.

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