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You, as a home dweller, shouldn’t be ignoring the early warning signs of a clog in your sewer drain pipes. If left unattended for long, the consequences are disastrous.

Most residents of Mamaroneck don’t know that preventive cleaning of drains is much less expensive than the cost of sewer repair.

Certainly, you like any other home dweller would prefer to have the damaged sewer repaired as soon as possible. All homeowners would like to minimize the cost and time to sewer repairs.

It is advised that you call a company that specializes in sewer pipe cleaning, repair or replacement.

As a professional sewer cleaning and repair company, we are telling you that traditional method isn't the best option anymore. Extensive work along the sewer pipe route is very expensive. Restoration of landscape like the lawn or patio is also time-consuming and overly expensive

We, at Drain Doctor NY, have the capability to perform a wide range of pipe repair services with non-destructive technology. We have an experienced team of professional engineers and plumbers available on call to attend to your problems.

Your Sewer System

If you live in Mamaroneck, the public sewer route usually passes close to your block of apartments. The sewer pipe from your home directly connects to the public sewer. The inspection job is simple. Our plumbers will insert a non-destructive camera in the sewer drain pipe to locate the damaged section. Depending on the results of the inspection, it’s quite simple to replace the damaged pipe using in situ techniques.

If you are in an area where the public sewer system is not located nearby, you would have an isolated septic tank. The sewer system of any such house or block of apartments consists of a septic tank, sewer pipe, sewer pipe fittings, a fat/grease filter, and the leach field. The sewer pipes of a septic tank are also prone to damage and corrosion.

Using innovative sewer repair methods, we replace and repair your entire sewer pipe without having to dig through to your sewer pipes. This often involves considerable damage to your garden and driveway. If you opt for the traditional method, you might have to renovate your garden or patio later.

Modern Sewer Repair Methods

Two common techniques of nondestructive sewer repair in vogue are:

Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining.

This technique simply involves the in-situ casting of a pipe sleeve in the damaged pipe. An epoxy resin lining is inserted into the sewer pipes. This lining expands and positions itself on the inner rim of the old pipe. This creates a new pipe inside an old one.

Burst Mode Replacement of Pipes

Where the damage is extensive, we opt for pipe bursting. In such cases, the old pipe is damaged beyond repair and has to be replaced. Here, we burst the old pipe and replace it with a new one immediately.

If you would like more information on modern sewer repair methods in Mamaroneck, give us a call. At Drain Doctor NY, we have the right tools and plumbers to complete the work as per your satisfaction.

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