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Paramus, New Jersey Sewer Repair Services

If your Paramus, New Jersey home or business is showing the ominous signs of a sewer line problem – unpleasant odors, standing water in your yard, or sewer backups, just to name a few – call Drain Doctor for fast, effective sewer repair solutions. Our advanced tools and skilled technicians will be able to restore your sewer line within your budget while ensuring that your home and landscaping isn’t needlessly damaged.

New Jersey sewer repair in Paramus

Traditionally, sewer repair required invasive, expensive work to expose the damaged pipe so that it could be removed and replaced. Today, we have trenchless sewer repair solutions that restore the pipe while it’s still underground by taking advantage of existing access points called cleanouts. Cleanouts are small and can be easily exposed by a minor hole or in some cases, no holes at all. You can rest assured that your trees, landscaping, and driveways are safe from damage, maintaining the beauty of your home and saving you hundreds in restoration costs after the repair is complete. Additionally, our sewer repairs take less than a day, so your family or business won’t have to deal with days or weeks of disruption.

Paramus New Jersey sewer repair service

The no-dig sewer repair process begins with a thorough inspection of the interior of the pipe to locate the damaged areas and assess the severity. Next, we clean the pipe to provide an optimum surface to which the repair lining can adhere. Once the pipe is ready, we introduce a soft sleeve through the cleanout that is coated with resin and position the sleeve so that it can fully repair all damaged areas. We then inflate the sleeve to apply this high-strength epoxy resin to the inside of the pipe, sealing all cracks and restoring damaged areas. Over the next few hours, the epoxy hardens into a new pipeline installed through cured-in-place pipe lining, restoring the sewer line to better-than-new condition.

sewer repair service in New Jersey

Our CIPP sewer repairs provide both immediate results and long-term durability. At just one-quarter of an inch thick, the new pipe has a smooth, jointless surface, which enhances water flow and waste removal. It resists tree root penetration and corrosion various factors, including saltwater corrosion from exposure to storm surge. The pipeline is also rustproof, and thanks to the state-of-the-art repair materials, trenchless sewer repair lining lasts for decades, so you won’t have to worry about sewer failure again for years. Best of all, our methods cost roughly half of traditional dig-and-replace models, so you save money both now and later.

Sewer repairs by Drain Doctor are effective in a wide variety of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Homeowners enjoy hassle-free, low-cost repairs that barely impact their day-to-day routine. Retail and commercial businesses can avoid negative client feedback and complete repairs discreetly without disturbing customer traffic and employees. Industrial facilities don’t have to worry about lost production and poor productivity from disruptive research and installation.

For fast, effective, no-hassle sewer repairs in Paramus, call Drain Doctor and request your free consultation. Our professional, highly-trained technicians will ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your results, whether you have a small leak or a major problem. We look forward to putting our innovative technology to work for you!

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