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Here at Drain Doctor, we are happy to bring the newest and best technologies to the Pelham area. The biggest plumbing projects tend to be sewer repairs or replacements. When it came to any pipe fixes or replacements, it required accessing the pipes directly and trenching up anything around them to access them. Well, those days are over and we are happy to share with you our new trenchless sewer repairs, how it works and how it is beneficial.

NY sewer repair in Pelham

Non-Invasive Procedure

Many plumbing procedures are becoming non-invasive and allow professionals like ourselves to save a lot of time and heavy duty work, which then saves you money and stress, which is a big factor here at Drain Doctor.

With this procedure being one of the non-invasive ones, we are happy to offer it to our customers of the Pelham area, especially with such impactful results and such long-lasting results. With this being able to be done through a small access point and following the pipes from within, we are able to spare the chaos of damaging the area. That makes this a truly no-dig solution and allows us to help our customers in such big ways with such minimal heavy duty work.

Forget the old way of damaging up your front yard, then having to wait months for it to regrow the grass and for flowers to bloom again. Forget the heavy machinery blocking up your property and becoming a hindrance for you and even your neighborhood. Forget the job that used to take days or even weeks to complete. That’s all over. The new trenchless sewer repair can be done in just a few days, as little as one day on most cases!

Pelham NY Trenchless sewer repair

Nuflow Technology

Nuflow is definitely just as its name credits—a new way of getting water to flow flawlessly through your pipes. This form of pipe repair and replacement involves cured in place pipe restoration. We can fix the pipes and reline them right as they are without removing them or accessing them externally.

So how is this done? First, we do a camera inspection. This lets our technicians assess the condition of your pipes and find any pre-existing damage or issues that are present. Then, we clean the inside of the pipes. There are many ways to go about this and the best way will be determined based on the outcomes of the inspection prior to this step.

Then comes the main component - the lining of the pipes. An epoxy coating is added throughout the pipes. The coating is a durable, long-lasting material that will extend the lives of the pipes to potentially 50 years or more. The liner fills the inside of the pipes and seals in any cracks, leaks or holes. This also allows the entire pipes throughout the entire drainage system to get a renovation instead of just a portion of the system.

Once the lining is placed, it is molded to the pre-existing pipe and seals it. The pipes are now left with a sealed interior which prevents corrosion and deterioration and restores the pipes to proper, fully functioning condition.

Trenchless sewer repair service in NY

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