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Stamford, Connecticut Sewer Repair Services

With a flooding sewer pipes in your hand, you can’t afford to wait. You need to take immediate action and call for experienced and licensed plumbers. At Drain Doctors NY, we have a team of experienced plumbers who know just how to handle a sewer emergency. Homeowners in Stamford CT trust us with all their sewer repair and replacement problems.

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When to Call for Sewer Repair

Most homeowners wait for a sewer emergency before calling their plumbers. By then, either their house is flooded or their sewer pipes are damaged beyond repair. You could avoid that by understanding the signs that your sewer pipes need repair:

Odors and Nasty Smells:
Odors are very telling signs that you could be dealing with a blocked sewer pipe in the near future. It's probably because food particles and other junk are stuck in the sewer pipes and are rotting in the pipes. This could damage the lining of your sewer pipes over time.

Sewer Backup:
If your sewer starts backing up, you shouldn’t waste time calling a repairman. You could end up with a sewage water flooding your toilet floor. The smell would be particularly difficult to deal with.

Clogged Sewer:
If your sewer pipes keep getting clogged, despite throwing in drain cleaners, it’s time to get it checked. If left untreated, you can expect flooded sewage water.

Stamford CT Trenchless sewer repair service

Sewer Repair Process

Before starting the repair work, our plumbers perform a sewer camera inspection to determine what’s causing the problem. It could be a minor obstacle, broken or damaged pipes or even something worse. A sewer camera travels inside your sewer pipes and shows the inside of your sewer pipes on a live camera. Depending on the sewer camera inspection, our plumbers will take the required steps to deal with the situation.

If it’s just a minor blockage, a proper sewer clean will solve the problem. Our plumbers will introduce high-pressure water jets into the sewer pipes to clear away all those materials stuck in the sewer pipes.

When the problem is bigger, we use state-of-the-art technology. We repair and replace sewer pipes through the Trenchless Sewer Repair technology. This requires us to repair the entire sewer pipe through just one access point.

When you use Trenchless Sewer Repair, you get the following benefits:

Saves Time:
All repair work is finished within a day. You won't have to plan your entire week around the repair process.

Save Money:
Compared to traditional sewer repair, our plumbers will provide reasonable quotes.

Long Lasting:
Trenchless sewer repair improves the health of your sewer pipes. It literally gives them a new life.

Hassle Free:
It doesn’t require plumbers to dig through your gardens and driveways. You don’t have to go back to renovating your precious garden.

Trenchless sewer repair service in CT

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Save yourself expensive demolition and renovation by hiring our experienced and trained plumbers. Call Drain Doctors NY for all your sewer repair emergencies in Stamford CT. Remember your sewer pipe solution is just a call away.

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