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sewer repair service in White Plains

White Plains, New York Sewer Repair Services

When a sewer inspection shows that the sewer line in your home is damaged, it’s important to act quickly in order to apply the necessary repairs. For our customers in the White Plains area, we offer our sewer repair services at great prices accompanied with excellent customer service and long-term solutions that will ease your worries for years.

sewer repair service in New York

Sewer repairs are the most effective when they are conducted quickly, especially in emergency situations involving flooding in a customer’s home or business. Otherwise, the cleanup will be expensive, and the aftermath of standing sewage in a building can create health hazards for the homeowners and their families. At Drain Doctor, we are experts at repairing sewer lines quickly and keeping our customers safe by using safe techniques that are eco-friendly. For these urgent situations, we offer trenchless-based sewer repairs, in which we avoid large trenches in your yard or driveway in favor of a different, more cost-effective approach that keeps your home intact and damage-free.

White Plains NY sewer repair service

Whenever we arrive at a property to conduct a sewer repair, we first take the time to assess the situation and take note of the quality of your pipes through a sewer camera inspection. By sending a small camera through the pipelines, we are given clear visuals of the condition of your pipes, allowing the solutions we propose to be accurate and realistic for the circumstances. This eliminates all guesswork, as we are able to locate the source of the problem in your pipes with newfound precision. We offer copies of the footage recorded to our customers as well so that they are fully aware of the situation and can make an informed decision about the ideal approach and solution. If sewer repair is the solution agreed upon, we start the process right away, wasting no time with trenches or breaking through the walls or floors in your home.

New York plumbing sewer repair service

Because our sewer repairs are trenchless-based, the process preserves the environment, which is just one of the benefits this service provides. During this method of repair, we install a new pipe inside of the old one by inserting a pouring a liquidized resin into the pipe, allowing it to evenly coat the walls. The coating hardens within a few hours along the inner wall of the pipe and serves as the new pipe once it has cured completely. Not only is it protected from environmental factors by existing within the old pipe, the new pipe’s material composition makes it stronger and more durable, reducing the risks of clogs and cracks compromising the functionality of your sewer line.

Our methods of sewer repairs are reliable, and we strive to keep the work we conduct minimally intrusive and damaging. We make sure our customers are pleased with our repairs and we take the time to ensure that the job is successful from start to finish. For more information about our sewer repair process, call Drain Doctor today. We have the best tools and materials to guarantee positive outcomes in all of our work, and we look forward to working with you.

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