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sewer repair service in Worchester NY

Worchester, New York Sewer Repair Services

Sewer pipes that were installed with conventional materials are prone to breaking over time, suffering from leaks, cracks, or clogs that can result in major backups or floods. In Worchester and the surrounding communities, homeowners have the option of calling Drain Doctor for innovative sewer repairs that will completely restore their pipes while offering a completely new pipeline that will benefit their home for many years.

NY sewer repair service in Worchester

Trust our team at Drain Doctor to fix your sewer system using the latest sewer repair innovation. Trenchless sewer repairs are a relatively new way to fix faulty and broken pipes, and our no-dig solutions are the perfect answer to the demolition of past repair methods. The days of property destruction in homeowner’s lawns, gardens, and driveways are gone in favor of more practical, eco-friendly solutions that preserve the value of your home.

Worchester NY Trenchless sewer repair service

Here at Drain Doctor, we use the most modern sewer repair equipment to restore your sewer pipes. Our video inspections use the latest camera equipment and the DrainVision technology. This equipment is used to see the actual condition of your sewer pipes. There's absolutely no guesswork involved, thanks to the real-time feed to a compatible monitor, and we will know the exact cause of sewer backups, the foul smell permeating from the drains, or the flooding on your property. There’s no problem that will go unsolved, and our expertise will allow us to read the diagnostic information and come up with the best possible solution.

Trenchless sewer repair service in NY

Our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining method can be completed under a day, and this type of trenchless sewer repair only requires one access hole to the damaged pipe in order to be employed. You will have a brand new pipe within the old pipe in just a matter of hours, not days. Our expert technicians coat a flexible liner with special epoxy resin and insert it into the pipes until it’s directly aligned with the ailing section of the pipe.

Once the liner is in position, we use specialized equipment to blow hot water or steam into your pipes, inflating the liner and allowing the resin to adhere to the inner pipe diameter. The epoxy hardens and forms the new pipe material within the old structure. This new material is much more durable than other pipe materials, and in addition to being a stronger pipe, it also has an extended lifespan, guaranteeing functionality for fifty years or more. Customers in Worchester can rest assured that with our innovative sewer repair services, their homes and businesses will operate smoothly without inhibitions for many years thanks to the resistance and durability of our epoxy-based material.

At Drain Doctor, our staff and crew has the expertise and the Technician Seal of Safety to carry out trenchless repairs professionally and efficiently. Our capable technicians ensure that all of our repair services are done right and that your family and home is safe from sewer emergencies and accidents. For more information about our process, call us today and we look forward to working with you.

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