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Trenchless Pipe Lining Larchmont, NY

trenchless pipe lining in Larchmont New York

Larchmont, New York Trenchless Pipe Lining

In the past, when pipes broke down or collapsed, they needed to be dug up or exposed through invasive and destructive processes that were extremely inconvenient for the homeowners, disrupting their daily schedule and often forcing them to relocate during the time that the repairs were taking place. But with trenchless pipe lining, these cumbersome steps are eliminated in favor of an effective and fast no-dig solution.

New York Larchmont plumbing trenchless pipe lining

A Solution for Your Pipe Problem

At Drain Doctor, we are proud to offer our customers in the Larchmont community a practical solution for their pipeline problems. With our eco-friendly services in practice, home and business owners no longer have to dread pipeline repairs or replacements. We will resolve the issue in a timely and efficient manner by renewing your pipes from within with our versatile trenchless pipe lining services.

Larchmont New York Trenchless pipe lining service

Our Trenchless Pipe Lining Process

Our team begins the trenchless pipe lining process with a comprehensive inspection of your entire pipeline network. We attach a CCTV camera and fit it into a fiber optic line, then insert it into your sewer line to get a clear visual. The line can reach any point in your pipelines to locate the source of your sewer line emergency. The images are sent to a laptop or a monitor, and from this our technicians can see the material, the diameter, and the overall condition of your pipes. After that, a liner is created and cut to the correct size for the trenchless pipe lining process.

CIPP Lining

Our CIPP liners are installed through two different methods depending on the situation. Our expert technicians can perform the PIP or the inversion method. In the pull-in-place process, the correct-sized liner is pulled into place, then cured as soon as two access points are created. The first access hole is for the liner's entry while the second access point serves as the exit. Our second installation process, the inversion method, only requires one access point from an open cleanout or a manhole. The epoxy-saturated liner is completely turned inside out through the application of air pressure or a column of water. The heat activates the special resin and makes it harden. The inversion method is preferred if hundreds of new pipes need to be installed in one repair.

Trenchless technology is very beneficial to homeowners and business owners alike. It's a cost-effective approach as compared to traditional methods of repair. We only require a couple of technicians to complete the job and the process is completed in just a few hours. The epoxy resin forms on the old pipe, and the seamless, jointless structure is durable and lasts for 50 years or more. The new epoxy lining will keep your sewer line flowing smoothly as if it's brand new. The CIPP liner consists of one smooth piece of piping that could extend from one manhole to another. Moreover, the new pipe is highly resistant against cracking, leaking, mineral buildup, and root invasion from nearby trees and shrubs, making it a desirable product because of its efficiency and powerful qualities.

Trenchless pipe lining service in New York

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