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Trenchless Pipe Lining Newark, NJ

trenchless pipe lining in Newark NJ

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

If you’re searching for affordable sewer repair with fast, reliable, long-term results, in Newark, New Jersey Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialists’ trenchless sewer pipe lining is the answer you’ve been looking for. We can quickly repair leaking or damaged sewer lines with modern technology that costs much less than other methods.

 Newark NJ plumbing trenchless pipe lining

What is trenchless pipe lining?

Trenchless sewer pipe lining is a modern method of sewer repair that uses specially-developed tools and materials to rebuild damaged pipes without the need to for extraction. Instead, the entire repair process is completed through small access areas, such as a cleanout openings or a pipe terminus. Drain Doctor’s expert technicians are skilled and experienced at applying these groundbreaking technologies to make even major sewer repairs hassle-free for our customers

Newark NJ Trenchless pipe lining service

Benefits of Pipe Lining in Newark

Pipe lining offers several benefits over other methods of sewer repair to Newark residents and property owners. The elimination of excess labor, equipment, and personnel means that the process takes less time and costs less than other options. A typical trenchless sewer pipe lining can be completed in one day, and the total project cost is as little as half of a traditional replacement. It is much gentler on the environment, eliminating damage to plant and animal life, preventing soil erosion, and keeping hundreds of pounds of waste out of landfills. It’s also less disruptive to the household or business, thanks to its small work area and rapid completion. For many Drain Doctor customers, trenchless sewer pipe lining is the obvious choice.

What can trenchless methods fix?

Trenchless pipe lining has a wide area of application that can suit any household or business. Homeowners enjoy fast, simple repairs that are easy on the budget and don’t overly impact the family activities. In professional, retail, and healthcare environments, pipe lining ensures that needed repairs are completed quickly without contamination of the surroundings or negative impact on clientele, for a solution that protects your bottom line. Multi-family housing communities such as apartment buildings and condos also enjoy the rapid results, low repair costs, and low impact on residents, which keeps tenants happy and negative online reviews at a minimum. Any home or business can benefit from trenchless sewer pipe lining.

Trenchless pipe lining service in Newark NJ

Overview of Trenchless Repairs

When we arrive for your trenchless sewer pipe lining, we’ll begin by thoroughly inspecting the damaged pipe with our sewer inspection camera to evaluate the condition of the system. Next, we clean the pipe with using hydro jetting to remove waste and buildup and prepare the interior of the pipe for the lining to adhere. Once the pipe is ready, we insert a removable sleeve covered in a high-strength epoxy through a small access point and position it in the pipe, then expand it to shape the epoxy into a new pipe and press it firmly against the old one. Heat is then applied to help the resin cure quickly, restoring the pipe to perfect condition with a leak-proof, root-resistant, anti-corrosion lining that lasts for 50 years or more.

Drain Doctor has the most effective trenchless sewer pipe lining technology available and we’re proud to bring our innovative solutions to our customers in Newark, NJ. We can restore any pipe to peak performance at a fraction of the time and cost of other methods. Call us today to learn more!

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