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Pelham, New York Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Services

When was the last time you had your sewer or drain pipes inspected? It may not sound as if it is an important maintenance issue because we don’t typically notice the underground plumbing system servicing our home or business. Well, that is until there is a problem. This is why it is a good idea to not wait until you can identify problems yourself before you have an expert take a look at what is going on with your sewer or drain lines.

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How Can You Tell There Is A Problem?

There are several signs that will tip you off. They include slow moving drains, drains that emit bad smells and water pooling in places where water should not be found. These all hint at clogs, leaks, cracks, breaks and cave ins of sewer pipes. One efficient repair for these issues is a pipe lining. In Pelham and area, Drain Doctor NY provides trenchless pipe lining services. In fact, we are quite proud of our many different types of trenchless services.

Pelham NY Trenchless pipe lining

What Are Trenchless Services?

Trenchless technology is quite simply sewer and drain repairs that are conducted on underground pipelines. We will explain how we do that in a few minutes but first, let’s look at why trenchless is a good method for repairing sewer and drain lines. As we do not dig up your yard, trenchless technology is easier on the environment. Plus, it reduces both the time and money spent on repairs. Trenchless repairs also last far longer than traditional repairs.

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How Do We Fix Underground Pipes Without Damaging The Area?

We actually do this by inserting a small video camera into the pipe. We need to access the pipe connection to do this, so we will need to dig one or two holes but they are small and allow us the ability to use our pipe inspection camera. With it we can learn the condition of your pipe and spot anything that may require repair.

Why A Pipe Lining?

Several trenchless pipe repairs fall under the category of pipe lining. They involve the insertion of flexible sleeve-like materials that harder after they cure creating an inner lining inside the damaged pipe. The new lining can be ‘bent’ to fit pipes that are not perfectly straight and result in a new, long lasting pipe repair.

When You Need Trenchless Repairs, Call Us

At Drain Doctor NY we have the experienced professional plumbers who can take care of business. If you have any of the signs noted above, contact us via email to book an appointment.

Plus, we can conduct regular pipe inspection services to monitor the condition of your pipes as well to save you from having a huge repair after something cracks, breaks or leaks. This was the part we were talking about earlier about having a maintenance plan in place for your plumbing because we don’t normally think of something we can’t see on a regular basis. To find out more call us today at 914-752-4892.

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