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trenchless sewer repair in riverside Connecticut

Paramus, New Jersey Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

For reliable, innovative trenchless sewer repair from a company you can trust, Drain Doctor is the preferred provider for residents and business owners in Paramus, New Jersey. We’re available whenever you need us to repair your damaged sewer line with our state-of-the-art solutions that provide fast, hassle-free results for a fraction of the cost.

Connecticut trenchless sewer repair in riverside

Historically, sewer repairs were always completed with heavy equipment. When your home or business developed signs of a sewer leak, the company would bring in a backhoe and dig out a long trench in your yard to expose the damaged pipe. Anything the sewer line ran beneath had to be removed, including trees, landscaping, driveways, walks, lighting, sheds, and other structures in the yard. The broken pipe was removed and replaced, then the company filled in the trench and left you to deal with the long, expensive process of restoring your yard. Since some Paramus homes and historic sites dating back to hundreds of years ago, they could be irreplaceably damaged during a dig-and-replace repair session.

riverside Connecticut trenchless sewer repair service

At Drain Doctor, we have a better way: trenchless sewer repair, an advanced method in which we install a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) inside of the damaged sewer line. Rather than extracting out the broken pipe and replacing it with a new one, we’re able to restore the pipe to optimum condition while it’s still underground, preserving your yard so you don’t have to bother with expensive, time-consuming restoration. We use built-in openings in the pipes called cleanouts that are designed to allow access for clearing blockages. Our innovative equipment fits through these cleanouts, allowing us to repair the sewer pipe from the inside out.

trenchless sewer repair service in Connecticut

When we repair a sewer line with our trenchless repair technology, we begin by preparing the pipe with a thorough cleaning and inspection to reveal all damaged areas. Once the pipe is ready, we insert the Nu Flow trenchless sewer repair, a flexible tube coated with an epoxy resin, and position it to correct all of the damaged parts of the pipe. We inflate this tube until it forms a perfect pipe adhered to the inside of the old one, then allow the epoxy to cure for a few hours until it hardens. The resulting CIPP not only repairs the old pipe but improves it, promoting better sewage flow, resisting corrosion—including saltwater corrosion from storm flooding—and withstanding root penetration for decades.

Not only is trenchless sewer repair easier, faster, and more effective, it’s also less expensive. Without the need for heavy equipment, extensive labor hours and excess materials, our sewer repairs typically cost as much as 50% less than traditional projects. Business owners benefit even more: long, noisy, disruptive sewer repairs can significantly hurt customer traffic in the many retail shopping centers in the Paramus area, and negative feedback from customers can adversely affect businesses. Trenchless repairs take just a day and are discreetly completed, so your customers will never know it happened.

Drain Doctor combines the best trenchless sewer repair technology with the most highly-trained, carefully screened technicians to create the best customer experience every time. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. Call us today to learn more!

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