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Commercial CIPP

Decisions regarding your commercial endeavours can be painstaking. Ensuring that your bottom line is secure with each decision is incredibly difficult, and Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist understands. It is our firm belief that our sewage and drainage services encompass the widest variety of potential problems commercial customers may face. When plumbing problems reveal themselves in your place of business, contact a professional plumber like Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist to ensure you receive the most economical and effective care possible.

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What exactly is the Cured-in-Place Pipe method?

The use of cured-in-place pipe is characterized as a form of trenchless pipe repair method that involves the insertion of an epoxy-coated tube into a damaged pipe segment. Once inside the pipe, the tube inflates and adheres to the walls of the damaged pipe, re-forming the seal and completing the repair. The cured-in-place pipe, often abbreviated to CIPP, is a repair method that mitigates many of the negative connotations associated with traditional pipe repair and replacement. The complex excavation operations, the tremendous expenses and the general disruptions to business that are typically associated with traditional pipe replacement are mitigated entirely with the use of CIPP solutions. These kinds of solutions are best implemented by a licensed, professional plumbing service, like Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist.

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Cured-in-Place Solutions for Your Commercial Pipes

Cured-in-place pipe solutions often entail a number of benefits for both residential and commercial plumbing systems. In terms of commercial benefits, the use of CIPP technology promotes the security of your bottom line, mitigating the potential expenses associated with an excavation. Moreover, the interruption to your business during the service will be minimal, as the technology utilizes pre-fabricated access points to deploy the cured-in-place pipe. When considering a professional to implement your CIPP solutions, consider Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist.

How does Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist deliver it’s various CIPP offerings?

Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist is pleased to offer the widest variety of cured-in-place pipe repair services in the New York area. Our technicians are trained and experienced in the deployment of cured-in-place pipe solutions, and our communications staff are ready and eager to answer any questions you may have. A service appointment can be scheduled over the phone via the number on our website, or through our online scheduling portal, found at the same location. Our technicians will travel to your home or place of business and implement the cured-in-place pipe in an effective and timely manner. It is the hope of Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist that these services help our customers ensure their needs for plumbing services are adequately fulfilled.

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Let Us Repair Your Commercial Drains Today

Determining the right solution for your commercial plumbing issues is a difficult process. Our team understands these difficulties, and we hope to offer our services in such a way that these kinds of stress are minimized. Our scheduling is flexible and our technicians are knowledgeable. When your home or business is in need of cure-in-place pipe solutions, consider contacting our firm. Call Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist today.


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