Commercial Sewer Repair

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Commercial Sewer Repair

Traditional sewer repairs are synonymous with the vast use of resources, heavy machinery, and manpower to excavate the length of your pipes. This process normally takes days and even weeks, disrupting your life at home or business operations until the pipes get fixed. At Drain Doctor, we utilize the newest technology that is designed to bring your sewer system back with little to no interruption in your daily routine.

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Our Sewer Repair Services

Our trenchless technology can repair your broken sewer lines faster than traditional methods ever would. A small yet highly advanced camera is used to inspect your pipes and find the exact source and location of your sewer problem. At Drain Doctor New York, our experienced technicians recommend our no-dig solution called CIPP as the go-to method for sewer repair. It can rehabilitate a number of common pipe problems such as broken seams, worn out elbows, or fractured joints. The process involves inserting a felt liner that's coated with epoxy inside the damaged pipe via a small access point. The liner is left to cure and in just a few hours you'll have a new pipe within the old one. Should the camera inspection show that there's not enough pipe material left, then our technicians will recommend the pipe bursting replacement process. Two small access points are created, and the old line will serve as the reference for when the new pipe is being pulled in place. A bursting head leads the charge, breaking apart the old pipe material and sending it to the surrounding soil.

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How Trenchless Repairs Save You Time And Money

Trenchless technology is beneficial for property owners in several reasons. One, it's an environmental-friendly solution that leaves the ground undisturbed. Second, the whole procedure can be done above the ground just by creating one or two access points. This eliminates labor costs spent on week-long digging and post-repair restorations. At Drain Doctor, we offer the best long-term solutions for our customers. If there's no need to replace the entire length of piping in your sewer lines, we can also proceed on repairing a section using trenchless sewer repair methods. The new pipe material is more durable than traditional pipes. It's highly resistant to root intrusion and corrosion. Its jointless nature also allows for better flow and sewer system efficiency. The new pipes should last for 40 years or more.

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Clogged plumbing and broken pipes can quickly bring your day to a halt. Businesses will have to come up with a solution if they hope to continue operations. At Drain Doctor New York, our technicians are always ready to help in case of emergencies. We provide prompt, reliable, and excellent services to all our customers in New York and the surrounding areas. Our top workmanship and attention to detail ensures all our repairs and replacement processes are done right the first time. Our professional technicians are always available, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We can get your sewer line back up and running in no time at all. Call us to experience the convenience of a no-dig plumbing solution today.

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