Cost of Trenchless Pipe Lining in New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut

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Drain Doctor NY’s trenchless pipe lining is a modern, low-hassle, affordable way to restore damaged sewer and water lines while protecting your investment in your property. Because every repair project is unique, we will spend time evaluating your situation onsite to determine the best method for excellent results. Once we fully understand your needs, we’ll provide a customized quote that details the work to be performed and the related costs.

While it’s impossible to provide accurate pricing without an inspection, here is some information on the typical costs for trenchless pipe lining to help you budget for your project. We’ve also included some additional details about the factors that go into calculating your project cost, so you can better understand your quote and rate.

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Average Pipe Lining Rates in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Average pipe lining costs are usually represented by dollars per linear foot. While the length of the repair is just one of several factors involved in determining the cost, it’s the common denominator in all pipe lining repairs that can help you compare the rates. In general, the cost for trenchless pipe lining solutions ranges from as low as $80 per linear foot up to $250. The cost varies significantly depending on your unique situation and the conditions that affect the process.

For most residential pipe lining repairs, the total project cost usually falls between $4,000 and $20,000. This wide price range includes everything from a short pipe restoration in your basement to a massive project that involves the street in front of your home. Unless there is a major problem, most pipe repair projects fall somewhere around $5,000 to $9,000.

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Factors that Affect Pipe Lining Costs

Pipe lining project costs vary, much the way that an automobile repair cost varies. If all your car needs is an oil change, the repair is relatively cheap, but if you need a new transmission, the cost will be much higher. Pipe lining is similar: smaller, easier repairs are much less expensive than large, difficult repairs. Drain Doctor NY always recommends the most affordable solutions that will fully correct the problem to provide you with the most value for your money.

If you’d like to budget for an upcoming sewer repair, here is some information on the several of the common factors that affect the cost of pipe lining to help you better plan for your project.

    1. Length of RepairThe most obvious parameter in pipe lining pricing is the length of the pipe that will be relined. A pipe that only needs a few feet relined will be relatively inexpensive, costing at or near the bottom of the price range. On the other hand, long repairs that extend hundreds of feet will be at the mid- to higher end of the range.

    2. Pipe DiameterThe width of the pipe to be restored is another important feature that makes a large difference in the project cost. Larger pipe diameters typically cost more than smaller diameters, simply because more epoxy will be required to fully repair the pipe. Most household sewer lines are 3 to 4 inches, which is relatively small and less costly than large industrial and municipal mains.

    3. Severity of the DamageAnother important factor in pipe lining pricing is the severity of the damage in the area to be repaired. A pipe with only tiny fissures, small leaks, or minimal corrosion can be repaired with quicker, less expensive repair methods, while a pipe with heavy corrosion or large gaps will require more intensive treatments. Heavy-duty procedures that can save even severely damaged pipes will be on the higher end the range but will still save you thousands in total project cost over traditional methods.

    4. Repair MethodDrain Doctor NY uses several of the many pipe lining procedures and materials that are designed to work in a variety of different situations. Fast-and-easy, air-applied epoxy coatings are great for pinhole leaks. Pull-in-place CIPP liners can restore heavily damaged pipes easily, and inversion liners can be blown into the pipe from one end when only a single access point can be gained. These are just a few of the advanced pipe lining methods available to help solve any pipe problem you may have. Depending on which method works best for your situation, the rate of the repair will change accordingly.

    5. Ease of AccessAnother factor in pipe lining pricing is the ease of access to the damaged area. If the surface at the pipe entry points is simple soil, the cost to gain access will be low. However, if your best entry point is in a more difficult location, such as below a concrete sl

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Ways that Pipe Lining Saves Money

The cost per linear foot for pipe lining will help you plan your repair budget, but the true benefit to pipe lining is in all the costs you won’t have. Drain Doctor NY’s pipe lining services eliminate thousands of dollars spent on collateral damages and expenses related to the repair, saving you both money and hassle.

One common expense in traditional sewer repair is concrete or asphalt removal and subsequent repaving after the project is complete. The labor to remove your driveway, parking area, or sidewalk will cost hundreds of dollars, and the labor and materials to restore it after the pipe has been replaced will be thousands more. Most trenchless pipe lining repairs can be completed with little or no damage to paved areas, saving you those additional expenses altogether.

Another hidden cost to traditional trenching sewer repairs is tree removal. Often, pipes lie beneath mature trees that have grown above and around them, and a remove-and-replace repair will require that the tree be removed as well. The average cost for tree removal is between $150 and $800 per tree, depending on its size and location. If you have two or three trees along the sewer path, you could be looking at a couple thousand dollars just to remove the trees, then, you’ll pay the cost of planting new seedlings after the repair is over. Trenchless repairs rarely require tree removal, eliminating yet another expense and keeping your property intact.

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