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Drain Inspection

At Drain Doctor, we understand what goes into a plumbing system running smoothly. We also understand what can cause problems within your residential, commercial, or municipal pipe system which is why we offer drain inspections, leak detection, and water line inspections to our customers in New York state. Drain inspection services can assist you in both emergency situations and regular maintenance, so never hesitate to call on us if you’re concerned about the state of your pipes.

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Sewer Camera Inspections

When your New York property is experiencing drain issues, it is common to think that buying a do-it-yourself drain cleaner is a viable solution to your problems. In reality, it is impossible to solve a sewer or drain issue on your own because you do not know exactly where the problem is coming from within your pipes and what the exact cause of the problem is. Drain inspections should always be the first step in solving your sewer and drain issues. Sewer camera inspections should be part of your regular drain maintenance. Drain inspections are a relatively easy way to find the source of a problem in your pipes, whether it’s a clog, tree root invasion, or damage done by corrosion, erosion, or rusting. Pipe systems are made from different materials which means that each pipe material will have its own unique problems. Fortunately, our team at Drain Doctor specializes in a variety of pipe materials who can provide you with a sewer camera inspection that will restore your pipes with precision and speed.

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Leak Detection for New York Properties

There are several factors that contribute to leaking pipes. Corrosion, erosion, and rusting are major factors in addition to basic breaking of your pipe due to aging. The brittleness of old, outdated, or substandard pipe material causes leaks and fractures within your pipes. Breaking joints and seams of a poorly installed system are prone to leakages, along with excessive or uneven water pressure gushing through your pipes due to poor pipe layout. Additionally, tree roots can cause major problems in your pipes, as tree roots will seek any source of nourishment and automatically target the weakest parts of your plumbing system such as joints, seams, and elbows.

At Drain Doctor, we offer New York residents leak detection technology. This is part of drain inspection process and is a viable and necessary tool in finding an appropriate solution for problems you’re encountering with your sewer and drain system.

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The Importance of Water Line Leak Detection for New York Residents

Water lines are crucial to the functionality and effectiveness of your pipes as a whole. If there’s a problem in your water line, it has the potential to spread throughout your system. Water lines feed water throughout the entirety of your water system from your water heater to your toilets, to your tubs, to your showers, so it is vital that they get inspected for leaks, clogs, damages, or other complications at regular times throughout the year. However, if you’re caught in an emergency situation, you can rely on our 24/7 services.

Drain Doctor is family owned and operated and all our employees are drug-tested and background-checked upon hire. Your home or business is safe in our hands. Additionally, if you become a member of our Health Home Club, you can receive $500 in complementary services. Drain Doctor is here for you every step of the way: financially, professionally, and courteously.

Give us a call today if you’re in need of drain cleaning, leak detection, or water line services.

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