Flooding Solutions

Flooding Services

Basement flooding is an all too frequent occurrence in our area during heavy rainstorms. Flooding may be caused by a number of issues. If the ground outside slopes towards the house instead of away from it, the water is directed to the foundation making the problem worse. In this case a French Drain may be a solution. Additionally, a sump pump may be utilized to aid in water removal.

In some situations effluent backs up from toilets and drains during heavy rains. In this case a Flood-Gate Automatic Backwater Valve is the solution. It functions as a drainage control valve providing “closure” protection during emergency storm conditions. The Flood-Gate does not have to be activated as no electronics are required for valve operation. The valve is completely automatic both closing and resetting. Once closed it prevents any leakage beyond the gate. Applications include all commercial, institutional, residential and industrial installations including basements and elevator pits.

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