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Frozen Pipe Services

If you wake up some frigid winter morning to a water pipe frozen solid, call Drain Doctor and we’ll send a skilled technician to the rescue! We have professional electric pipe thawing machines that will quickly and safely thaw out that frozen pipe so that you can have water owing again quickly!

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A frozen pipe is always an inconvenience, but it can actually result in a much more serious situation than just the temporary loss of water. When frozen pipes burst repairs should be made quickly in order to avoid serious water damage. Drain Doctor will consider the cause of the freeze and provide options to repair damaged piping.

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If frozen pipes are a reoccurring problem you may consider the installation of pipe insulation or, in extreme cases, pipe relocation. If redirecting your plumbing is not an option you may also consider the installation of trace heating. In this process a heating element is run along the length of the pipe. The line is then covered with thermal insulation. Heat generated by the element then maintains the temperature of the pipe.

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