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At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we offer the leading patented plumbing technologies that allow us to repair and replace pipelines in the most effective way possible. Our team at Drain Doctor specializes in Nu Flow technology because it does not require old methods. In the past, traditional methods of drain repair and replacement involved harmful trenches across residential and commercial properties leaving home and business owners with damage to their landscape, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks that would leave them with extra costs that stemmed outside of their budget. At Drain Doctor, we will never damage your property or leave you with surprise fees.

Let's talk about NuFlow Trenchless Sewer Repair & Pipe Lining.

Our team at Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist use two different types of Nu Flow technologies to renew and restore your sewer and drain pipes:

  • Nu Line Pressurized Pipe Systems -Nu Line technology are pressurized pipe systems that generally consist of potable water systems, grey water systems, HVAC systems, compressed air systems, conduit piping, water mains, and fire suppression.
  • Nu Drain Non-Pressurized Water Systems -Nu Drain are non-pressurized pipe systems that usually consist of vent systems, industrial piping, chemical piping, sewer mains, horizontal laterals, sanitary systems, and storm drains.
  • NuFlow Authorized Licensee

    At Drain Doctor Pluming Specialist, it is our goal to provide customers with lasting solutions to their sewer and drain problems. Fortunately, Nu Flow technologies allow our team to use in-place epoxy pipe lining and pull-in-place pipe lining that fixes pipelines from within. Nu Flow technologies are an excellent way to repair pipes because they are trenchless which means they only require a single access point to completely repair pipelines. In-place epoxy pipe lining and pull-in-place pipe lining both restore pipelines that are corroded or eroded without costly expenses.

  • The Nu Flow pipe lining process involves saturating a felt liner with epoxy. When the liner is completely drenched in our epoxy mix, we will insert the felt liner into your damaged pipeline. As the felt liner is pushed through your pipeline it coats the interior walls with resin. The resin is left to harden for several hours or as little as 60 minutes, if heat is used. When the resin has hardened, it has sealed all cracks and imperfections leaving you with a brand-new pipe inside of your old pipe. During the Nu Flow process, our team will perform a pre-lining and post-lining inspection that ensure that your Nu Flow services were conducts properly.
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  • If you are experiencing slow flushing drains or leaking pipes, call your local professionals at Drain Doctor to inspect and repair your pipes in the most effective way possible. At Drain Doctor, our plumbing specialists service New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut residents with Nu Flow technologies they can count on. Nu Flow technology is a patented technology that is leading our industry in performing innovative trenchless sewer and drain repairs. Customers can always rely on our Nu Flow pipe lining repairs to restore their pipe systems with precision and speed.


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