Pipe Leaks

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Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks start with a trickle but soon cost homeowners hundreds of dollars in water bills and impeded flow. If the fittings or the pipe starts to leak, the pressure soon builds up with considerable force. Then, your walls and flooring will have wet spots and a burst pipe will be imminent. You'll be faced with an emergency and an added headache of having to deal with flooding and property damage.

 At Drain Doctor, we use trenchless technology to find all leakages within your sewer system quickly and efficiently. In just a few hours you'll have a restored, rehabilitated sewer system and can get back to your day without worry.

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Leak Detection via Trenchless Technologies

The problem with leaky pipes is that they can form underground, hidden away from sight. At Drain Doctor, we use the latest in inspection equipment to find any and all sources of leaks accurately. Our camera inspection procedure won't leave huge amounts of trenches for you to fix once the work is completed. Moreover, our leak detection services is powerful enough to find even the smallest pinhole leaks located under property slabs.

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Identifying The Source Of Pipe Leaks

Repairing the leak starts as soon as our technicians find all the damaged areas of your sewer lines. The common causes of leakage in your sewer system can include the following:

    • Foundation Shifts. Gradual settling can cause the pipes to adjust and disconnect or rupture, which often results in a sprung leak.
    • High Water Pressure. Pressurized pipes can be punishing for pipe materials and lead to advanced wear and tear. The pressure can find weak points in your pipe and cause it to burst.
    • Tree Roots. Small cracks in the pipeline can allow vapor to escape, which attracts nearby tree roots and shrubs. Once they invade the joints then it's only a matter of time before leaks appear.
    • Corrosion. Older properties may have a sewer system that's comprised of galvanized steel or copper pipes, which are susceptible to rust and corrosion. If your water is rust-colored, contains noticeable sediment and has a rancid taste, then it's likely that you'll need to upgrade your pipes.
    • Temperature Changes. Water in your line expands quickly in colder temperature, especially during the winter.

At Drain Doctor, our professional technicians recommend lining, a no-dig solution that places a new pipe within the old, broken pipe. Using the trenchless technology, all leaks will be fixed in a single application.

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Emergency Water Leak Detection and Repair Services

It's imperative to get a rapid response when it comes to emergencies. The first thing to do is shut off the main valve that connects the pipe to the main line, thereby preventing further flooding and property damage. At Drain Doctor, our professional technicians work quickly and arrive promptly in order to stop the problem from the source. We work in a methodical manner, which leads to favorable resolution. Routine inspections and water leak detection can be done to ensure you won't be caught with an untimely emergency on your hands. We can conduct a comprehensive sewer inspection to find weaknesses in your system and come up with a solution that extends your plumbing's lifespan.

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