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Plumbing Fixture Services

New kitchen and bath fixtures can significantly improve the look and functionality of your home. Many major manufacturers make special versions of plumbing fixtures just for hardware super stores. In many cases, these fixtures can be sold at lower prices because the materials used on these lower standard products contain low quality, plastic parts rather than brass or stainless steel. At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we provide only the best quality product options which we obtain directly from the manufacturer.

At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we know how important it is to customers to have brand-new plumbing fixtures installed properly. The plumbing fixture services we provide at Drain Doctor include finding plumbing fixtures that are right for your home or business, inspecting your property before installation, and installing your fixtures with care and efficiency.

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Choosing Plumbing Fixtures That are Right for You

Plumbing fixtures can make a significant impression on your home or business which means that choosing plumbing fixtures that align with your home or business’s aesthetic is important. Whether you have family coming over for the holidays or customers using your bathroom regularly, plumbing fixtures are used every day for various purposes and should be the best quality possible. Plumbing fixtures include things like bathtubs, drinking fountains, kitchen sinks, shower heads, utility sinks, toilets, urinals, and garbage disposals. Every plumbing fixture is versatile in that there are many materials they can be made from. It is important to choose plumbing fixture material that is consistent throughout your property and that will withstand the test of time. At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we provide customers with a wide variety of plumbing fixtures that can add to the value of their home or business.

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Inspecting Your Sewer System Before Installation

Our team at Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist always want customers to feel that their plumbing fixtures are thoroughly installed. In some cases that will include a sewer and drain camera inspection that ensures your new plumbing fixtures will function to their best ability. Camera inspections can be performed on the interior of your house. When your existing fixtures are carefully removed, our team will do a quick interior inspection of your pipelines to make sure they are free of buildup, debris, clogs, and blockages that could affect the present and future function of your plumbing fixtures. Inspections are easy and will allow you to feel good about the work that is being done to install your brand-new fixtures.

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Installing your Fixtures with Attention to Detail

At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we are able to install your new plumbing fixtures whether your purchased them from our company or you previously purchased them from another buyer. If you have already purchased your own fixtures, we will still install them with the same precision and efficiency as we would our own plumbing fixtures. Our team at Drain Doctor wants you to know your plumbing fixtures will always be installed properly by our highly skilled industry experts.

If your home or business is in need of new plumbing fixtures, Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist can help you to find ones that work best for your property and will be installed properly. At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialists, we are eager to help you whether you need new plumbing fixtures for your new property or need new plumbing fixtures for a property you are building.

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