Backflow Prevention

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Backflow Prevention

At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we provide our customers with reliable pipe services that are always safe and precise. Your residential and commercial pipelines are vital to the carrying out of everyday activities like washing the dishes, going to the bathroom, and drinking water which is why it is important to take care of drain issues before serious problems occur. At Drain Doctor, we services New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our team at Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist specialize in backflow prevention which will help keep your family, pets, customers, and employees safe year-round.

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Understanding Backflow and Its Risks

Our team at Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist values our clients which is why we strongly encourage customers to understand what backflow prevention is and means. If there is not proper protection of sewer and drain pipes through back flow prevention, backflow can contaminate your clean water supply. Backflow occurs when a mixture of water, liquids, gases, and substances reverse and flow into the pipes that distribute your potable water. Backflow can potentially flow back from plumbing fixtures or irrigation systems. If backflow occurs within your pipe system, it will invade your water supply causing serious health problems like disease, illness, and in some cases, death. Backflow prevention is not something to be taken lightly. At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we encourage our customers to learn about backflow prevention and require its service because your safety should be prioritized.

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Types of Backflow

There are two types of backflow that can occur within your pipes system: backpressure and back siphonage. Backpressure is a type of backflow that occurs when the pressure in the downstream piping rises above the pressure of the system. Because of the rise in pressure, the downstream substances are pushed into your potable water supply. Back siphonage is a type of backflow that occurs when water pressure on the supply end drops creating a negative pressure in the supply piping. Back siphonage creates a vacuum that causes the unwanted reversal of water. The most common cause of back siphonage is damage or a complete break to your water main.

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Why Backflow Prevention is Vital for Your Residential and Commercial Pipelines

At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we understand that no one ever wants to deal with backflow problems or be exposed to contaminated water. Backflow is not something that should ever be ignored. Backflow prevention allows our industry experts to prevent backflow issues that have not occurred yet and solve backflow problems that are currently occurring. When considering backflow prevention, it is important to think about the costly damage backflow can cause to your clean water supply as well as your family, pets, employees, and customers. Someone’s safety should never be a question and seeking out backflow prevention is a great way to protect your pipes against contamination.

Our team at Drain Doctor will always provide New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut residents with safe services they can count on. Allow your local industry experts at Drain Doctor to solve your backflow problems with professionalism. At Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialist, we pride ourselves on providing customers with inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement services that makes us the leading professionals in the area!

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