Tree Root Invasion

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Tree Root Invasion

Tree root invasion is a plumbing issue that has affected many residential and commercial properties in New York, especially those that have sprawling trees or lots of shrubs surrounding their houses. At Drain Doctor, we have the means and the technology to get rid of stubborn tree roots that have invaded your sewer lines, all without having to dig a single trench.

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How Do Tree Roots Damage Drain Systems

Whether due to sudden settling, wear and tear or leak formation, weakened pipes will start leaking out water and sewage. Roots from nearby trees and shrubs will then invade the pipes and choke it from within. In some ways tree roots are worse than clogs as they are difficult to find and even harder to completely eradicate.

As the roots grow they put more pressure on your sewer lines, eventually causing a complete stoppage, causing cracks, leaks or breaking it open. It's one of the most damaging problems homeowners and business owners wouldn't want to encounter. At Drain Doctor, we can help get the situation under control and take preventive steps to keep the roots from entering your sewer lines.

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Warning Signs of a Tree Root Problem

It can be difficult to identify tree root invasion because most of the time, it is not visible. However, there are several signs that can indicate your pipes are suffering from tree root invasion:

    • Slow Emptying Drains. Slow working drains indicate roots have taken hold of your pipes and are now impeding flow and drain progress. Also, if you hear strange noises whenever you flush, then you'll need to call a professional technician for help.
    • Sinkholes. Advanced invasion will manifest itself in sinkholes forming in your yard, lawn or garden. It's of the utmost importance to get this resolved as soon as possible in order to prevent further property damage.
    • Sewage backup. When you're experiencing constant backups and clogs and you haven't flushed anything down the toilet or the drain, then it could mean a severe root infestation due to cracked pipes.

If you find yourself facing any of these plumbing issues, have a Drain Doctor specialist inspect your pipes to find out the exact cause and the proper solution.

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Viable Methods For Prevention

Tree growth may be impossible to stop, but there's something we can do when it comes to your pipes. At Drain Doctor, we offer trenchless solutions to resolve your drain problems.

    • Camera Inspection. Our technicians recommend a drain and sewer camera inspection at least once every year or so to make sure that roots from shrubs and trees haven't gone in your property’s plumbing. We use a highly specialized camera fitted to a flexible fiber optic line to check your whole system for roots, blockages, cracks and pipe leaks and the extent of the damage as seen on the real-time video feed on our viewing monitor.
    • Hydro Jetting. Also known as water jetting, this environment-friendly technique sends out jets of pressurized water inside your pipes. Proper operation of the powerful machine can safely dislodge years of accumulated debris, calcified matter and tree roots, breaking the material apart and sending it to the nearest municipal sewer system.
    • Sewer Line Replacement. As a home or business owner, you can opt for a replacement pipe that's seamless and made of stronger material. Our licensed professionals can use trenchless technology to introduce a durable pipe material that can prevent roots from coming in.

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