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Video Inspections

So, you know there’s a problem in your pipes, but you don’t know exactly what it is or how to fix it. Remedy this complication by using a video inspection offered by Drain Doctor! Our team is capable of handling any issue your plumbing throws at us.

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Why Video Inspections?

Video inspections are very helpful because they allow you to see exactly what is going on inside your pipes. Be it an obstacle, pinpointing the exact site of damages or leaks, tracing the route of your pipes, or just checking the pipe condition in general- a video inspection can help you identify it all.

Using video inspections allows a plumbing technician to give you a one hundred percent accurate diagnosis and possible repair or replacement plan for your piping needs. Here at Drain Doctor, we believe in being the only company you have to call- that’s why we offer video inspections as well as drain cleaning services. Additionally, we include sewer repair and replacement options for more drastic cases of emergency repairs.

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We believe in working with our customers, which is why we have a non-invasive process. We usually rely upon a pre-established entry point to your pipes in order to do the video inspection. We insert a flexible rod with a waterproof camera attached, and the video feed that comes back to the plumbing technician is a live feed. That means that what you see on the screen is what’s actually happening right now in your pipes. The technician can and will explain the process to you and explain what you’re seeing. If they see a clog, they will discuss with you how to remedy the clog. If you have a leak, they will offer a leak repair and preventative maintenance plan.

Video inspections aren’t just good for emergencies- they’re great for figuring out how to prevent emergency situations. They allow you to maintain your pipes in a clean and orderly fashion, and stop any problem before it begins.

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Why Drain Doctor?

We understand that finding the right plumbing company for you can be a major decision. We understand that you’re looking at a decision that could impact your home for months or even years to come. That’s why we understand that you’re looking for something that is budget friendly and comfortable for you to work around. We want you to feel comfortable calling us, which is why we have trained professionals who are experienced in their field employed by our company.

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We want your home to be clean and entrusted in our care, which is why we keep a clean area in our working station and ensure the cleanliness of our feet. We want to make sure your home is safe in our care- all our technicians and plumbers are drug-tested and background checked. We give handwritten estimates of price and timeline for the job we’re about to complete, so you know what you’re getting yourself into. We want to keep our procedures surprise-free.

So call us today for your video inspection service! There’s no better company out there than Drain Doctor.

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