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In water systems there are a number of factors that can effect the rate of pipe corrosion. Depending on the degree of these factors a new piping system can show signs of decomposition in as little as two years after installation.

The rate of corrosion in a piping system is related to these factors; pH, oxygen content, chemical make-up, dissimilar metals in the water and/or in the piping system, and water pressure. Depending on these things, over me, the flow of water may become restricted by the build up of lime and calcium on the interior of the pipeline. This will decrease the volume of water available. Making the use of more than one fixture at a time difficult at best. For example, your water pressure may be low if you tried to take a shower and run the dishwasher simultaneously. Furthermore, the internal corrosion of piping systems raises medical concerns. These health burdens include the negative effects associated with the leaching of lead, copper and other harmful metals from water pipes into the drinking water supply.

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